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  1. lol we wish but comon it will probably be 180 ncoin per morph
  2. Thank you for finally getting the event info up. I noticed a bug that prestige members are still getting only 1 anniversary coin per hour not 2? Anyone else can confirm? Also the issue about players using their cooldowns for instances yesterday before any info about this event was given I hope there will be compensation for that. Anyone else have any bugs with this event so far? @Cyan Other than that great job on on hell of an event pretty excited to start farming!
  3. hey friend it says DN after your name so I am assuming you are in Danaria. Anyways if you haven't played in that long the game is completely different you kinda have to just play and ask questions as you go. I have a discord server where you can ask questions chat with other or just hang out. Feel free to join! The game can be just pve and pvp but unfortunately if you want to be good at pvp you have to pve quiet a bit. Hope this helps! Our discord link https://discord.gg/dkMhs45
  4. LOL if you aren't prestige member you get cake buff! Also isn't it sad that we have to come here and work together to figure out what the event is instead of them telling us before the event started? I mean I thought ncsoft was bad before but this is really getting out of hand.
  5. I don't understand why you do this a day after maintenance.... I know a lot of people like me did their FMs/ PFs and IDDs today since there isn't much pvp on Wednesdays. Now you are saying the bosses of these instances will give give rewards starting tomorrow. (I really hope we get instance reset.) I wouldn't of ran these instances knowing there was an event starting literally the next day. @Cyan Also can you please answer if the Cauldron Coins are only part of the Alchemy event or is it gonna be the new currency for future events as well?
  6. What was the random maintenance for? Anyone know? Also @Cyan are the Cauldron Coins part of the Alchemist event or is that the new currency for all events?
  7. Bruh you guys say 1 hour more every hour and now you say 30 minutes more every 30 minutes. Shit just say 4hrs so I can go out for a bit and live my life.
  8. 1 hr of game play during this new patch is not even close to the same as 4 months on a dead server.
  9. I was already lvl 80 Vandal how could you do this to me!!!
  10. I know ppl will be mad about this but tbh its 1hr of game play gone. If they just let things be the way they were it would of been much worse. Hope they give some tea of repose or something to ppl who were leveling painters that would be nice. Wink* wink*
  11. Good job Ncsoft finally did the right thing
  12. dude tbh just roll back the server and everything like the update just went live now. Also I thought enchanting stigmas was supposed to be easier?
  13. @What-EK SW have dispel skill? @What-EK also don't tag me here I mean what is this Facebook?
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