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  1. Why is there a limit on the Legendary Transformation Special Bundle when it is not a selection box? Can you please remove the 3 purchase limit or increase it.
  2. Is this another one of those LazyPeon videos where the reviewer never makes it to max level and judges the game because he doesn't know how to use a quest tracker or open a mini map?
  3. I think they will update up to 2.7 then follow up with Aion 2 and starting over with the game using 3.0 as a starting point and re-writing the game using the feedback from classic on a new modern graphics engine with improved performance to take advantage of modern gpu. That is what I am hopeful for.
  4. Mostly nostalgia, tradeable items, kinah and a decent crafting system. I honestly don't want to play classic. I prefer the more streamlined combat mechanics on live but since classic is going to cannibalize and diminish the player base further I have no choice if I want to continue to play Aion.
  5. Siel ancient dinosaur here. majjang/chashu - siel-asmo
  6. The survey prompts you to keep the questions and your answers Confidential. 😄
  7. Yes the Auto-Hunting feature should be implemented. I would love to be able to auto-hunt in open world. My reasoning is I am exhausted for grinding hours upon hours for lack luster rewards or no rewards. Since there has been no real desire on NCSoft's part to adjust the horrible RNG rates to be more player friendly for character progression. This auto-hunting feature makes it ideal for the current state the game is in. I would like to see more options added to the auto-hunting feature such as more skills to be used. Allow the use of custom chain skills. Allow the option to resurrect
  8. That is NCWest's whole monetization scheme in Aion. Make everything expensive and out of reach of the regular player with absurd high failure rates for character progression while they add the desired items to the cash shop or behind gacha events so they can maximize their profits every quarter without investing much into it(new content). They even do sneaky tactics like this on the cash shop. Lets take this item (Flawless Manastone Socketing Supplement Selection Box) that is available on the cash shop for 480 ($6) Black Cloud Coin as an example. They purposely price this item at 480 inste
  9. Went from 50ms to 100ms. I look forward to the day Aion shuts down and I am sure the Aion team does also.
  10. What happened to the NCoin codes on Amazon?
  11. Meanwhile in Aion Korea they got +12 Stigmas on the cash shop. This is a very blatant and predatory monetization scheme by NCSoft. https://youtu.be/PfwLTmohLog
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