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  1. Stigma enchant event catch?

    Meanwhile in Aion Korea they got +12 Stigmas on the cash shop. This is a very blatant and predatory monetization scheme by NCSoft. https://youtu.be/PfwLTmohLog
  2. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    My guess is Blade & Soul on XBOX.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 18, 2019

    Any info regarding when character server transfers will be functional again?
  4. Where to buy Aion t-shirts?

    Official T-Shirt
  5. Ranger 6.2 PVE DPS Rotation & Stigma Video

    Nice buff on Sharpen Arrows
  6. Ranger 6.2 PVE DPS Rotation & Stigma Video

    I am not sure yet. Depends on what the additional benefits are. I'll definitely use it again and see what my damage is.
  7. Ranger 6.2 PVE DPS Rotation & Stigma Video

    I'm glad it has helped. I don't believe it is the most optimal. Its what I typically start my rotation with. After that I always try to weaving > skill, skill. I'm starting to use lethal arrow first in my rotation instead of stunning shot. Yes there are variations. It doesn't hurt to try. If it works for you go for it. Some rangers have done this before. They used candy, title, and cloth gloves with casting speed bonus. They would spam 5 skills and recast focused shots and repeat. I wouldn't want to lose physical attack, crit strike or accuracy to recast focused shots a tiny bit faster. Your damage output increases by having them so yes it does affect us. Annoying only because they take time to get and RNG. No problem. Again don't take these rotations as the absolute definitive way a ranger should DPS.
  8. I made a video giving a basic break down on Stigmas I use for end game PVE instances. I also provided a demonstration of my typical starting DPS rotation. The general idea is to weave (auto attack cancel) after every two damage skills while under the effects of focused shots. The pattern is typically auto attack, skill skill, auto attack, skill skill, auto attack, skill, refresh focused shots and repeat. Don't take these rotations as the absolute definitive way to DPS. The purpose is to pave the way for anyone who is interested on improving. I am showing what generally works for me.
  9. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    It is not 100% pvp gear. It is more 50 / 50. I did provide a link to my unbuffed stats in the video description. For melee it seems the golden number to have for accuracy is 13k. Rangers get a 1K accuracy bonus for having Focused Shots up so we can get away with only having 11k - 12k+ accuracy. I forgot to mention I do have the prestige buff which gives an additional 400 PVE Attack.
  10. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    I can get up to floor 14 and am able to kill (not shown in this video) the Bee boss but not enough accuracy / damage and I run out of time.
  11. New Class is coming?

    Jet Set Radioooooooooo!!
  12. Optimization guide and tips for Ryzen users!

    You can set the FPS in Aion by adding g_maxfps = "144" or whatever value you desire. 0 for no cap. In the System.cfg file. You will need a cfg editor. I use Aion rainmeter. You will also need to change the file attribute of System.cfg to Read-only by right clicking on the file > properties > check read-only. Doing this the game won't auto save to the file when you close the game.