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  1. Right now there is a discussion about past events and what ones you like a few people have already left their input and some of the earlier ones had great detail to events and why they enjoyed them. I would love to see more opinions in there, Unlike previous NCwest attempts NCAmerica is recently rebranded and we have a much larger chance of creating a vibrant event schedule through-out the year.
  2. It is great that you are doing some sort of marketing for the game but IMO this is not the way. The reason i say this is because if you go to the main twitch page for Aion 3 out of the 4 people streaming 90-95% of the day are people playing on P-servers and no one is playing in NA. If you look at most other games they pair their prime gaming reward with some sort of twitch partner streaming code event where sitting in the streamers channel for X amount of time accumulates you rewards and some sort of new player event at the same time would of been the way to market this properly. I am not here to discourage the efforts NCAmerica is making but for me this is not really marketing that would make people try the game. All in all NCAmerica with the discord and so on genuinely seems like they are moving forward from the stagnation they hit in NCwest so that is good to see.
  3. How is that useful to what people need luna for. Does it give luna and i can not find it on the page as a reward? I am just a bit confused please explain why this would be a replacement for luna.
  4. Bots do not need luna to get infinite kinah. Just botting solo PF gets you kinah capped just botting solo IDD gets you kinah capped(learnt this from the ice event). No matter what they do they can not stop bots for making kinah. All it means is they are spending more time doing the content for kinah but when you have upwards of 6 accounts running what does it matter. It does not matter because no matter what we say they will not fix the problem because in their eyes their customers that they care about will buy luna even if they made it 10x its current price.
  5. That is rather interesting because they do not do the hand outs individually. My 2 friend who got no ultimate got their ultimate transformation contract where as the one that did got a prime rune stone. Maybe just send in a ticket and it will get fixed.
  6. Damn you salty. Obviously you were a star in the video dunno who you had to of been to be that salty.
  7. 1. Players will receive a Prime Runestone Selection Box for meeting the following criteria: Gain an Ultimate Transformation via Transformation Combination during the promotion period. Max 3 per account. Checks out to me. I assume got an ultimate transformation during the event thus disqualified you from the box but got you the prime runestone. 2. Players will receive an Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) for meeting the following criteria: Consume 12 or more Legendary Transformations via Transformation Combination, without obtaining an Ultimate Transformation via Combination during the promotion period. (Ultimate Transformations earned via other methods such as the Special Ultimate Challenge Box do not disqualify this reward.) Max 1 per account.
  8. I was talking about the HP of your ally not you. Not trying to ruin your buzz i am glad you are having fun PvPing. I never said you were uber geared either let me clear that up, I assumed you had FS weapon and armor +15 and full lumi accessories. That was purely based off the damage you were doing to someone i know in the video . Keep uploading videos tho i like watching.
  9. Just out of curiosity what weapon you using. Also 121k HP is not exactly low. I assume you guys have got the holy water collection fairly high? You not wrong tho Aion's PvP is fun when you can deal more than triple digits and survive more than 3 hits.
  10. Asmo's better stop being selfish then and start working together.
  11. Unlucky, Ty for supporting the server keep it up next event .
  12. This is what pisses me off about NCsoft the most. Aion 4.0 for NA launch was the best design in any game i have played. BDO and pearl abyss are currently replicating that same design philosophy and the west is just continuing to praise. Unfortunately if you listen to the to NCsofts public conference calls you will understand that NCsoft are under to much pressure to replicate their mobile success. That along with their 2024 projection they genuinely believe their next big success is about to be T&L coming up. The west is the least of their concerns right now because if they fail to meet expectations with T&L there is a high chance they will end up in free fall. The time to listen to the western Audience was 6+ years ago now. The West is their worst performing region YoY outside launches of new GW2 content. Then you have the biggest problem with the Western audience, They are so sour. Dead games can come back from the brink if the players actually care about the game but the players care about themselves and only themselves when it comes to Aion's western audience. Take AoE 2 that game went from people believing the game will be be gone to having tournaments sponsored by red bull. AoE 2 for multiplayer had ALOT of issues but the community behind it made it amazing. Aion's community can not replicate this because 95% of the player base hack/cheat/exploit in someway/RMT or all of the above. No one in Aion wants to participate in a PvP tournaments despite PvP being the best feature Aion has to offer because so many people will cheat in them in some way or another so it can not even do PvP tournaments that are community hosted. Anyways i ranted enough, At the end of the day NCAmerica have treated us the same way NCwest did so there is 0 point caring.
  13. I would say ask the CM but you know, They are not exactly in the habit of answering LOL.
  14. If you think no one is spending on the game still you are delusional there are plenty of people who spend still.
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