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  1. For science I was wondering what hobbies / line of work you have outside of this game. I really enjoy the psychology behind this stuff. Love your work, thxxxxx
  2. I want to believe you man but yeah, I've seen how this company operates. I'm just glad I cancelled my sub after a month. Enjoying the forums tho, idk probably for nostalgia.
  3. Okay so all I want to say is.. I have a really cool stone I can sell you, if you squeeze it hard enough blood will come out of it. It will be good practice for what you're attempting here.
  4. If only they took banning bots this seriously lmao
  5. In a way you said it yourself though. They aren't paying money. NCSoft only cares about one kind of client - the one that pays money. I will say though, they're struggling to even care about those haha.
  6. I'm gonna be real with you - It's probably not going to change. They claim they're already doing it so either they aren't, or they are stretched very thin with resources to the point that they are unable to make a noticeable difference. Each day I login there's a fresh set of goldsellers in the chat and the same bots are running around farming the same spots. You just get used to it really, and come up with creative ways to break the bots when bored. In terms of investment into a small team etc etc. The way this game has been going since release suggests it's an afterthought to draw in s
  7. Turns out entire Siel server is bots so they made the executive decision to delete it. No one should be impacted by this change, thank you NCSoft. ❤️
  8. I thought to myself, reasonable, reasonable, then I got to this part... aaaand trolling
  9. For some reason this reminded me of that Dashcon convention with the ballpit. lmao
  10. Where do I say it was going to happen? Read again.
  11. Imo if they're gonna merge em, do it sooner rather than later.
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