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  1. Ultimate crafted gear

    Hi, you will be able to craft a better version of our current Ultimate Masterwork but as Matsu foresaw it is going to be a proc involved in it. I agree with Mastu and I would go for endgame gear but that is up to oneself and the time/kinah/etc you might or not have.
  2. Verification e-mails for ne IP bugged - solution

    thx so much Arhangelos! a friend just got that issue and your fix worked perfectly!
  3. Suspicious coincidences

    I passed 700 dolls the way Aly said, is much safer. And if is worth for some confort I only got 1 ancient transformation scroll. So yes, worthless event. But well Gideon said it in the last producer's letter... "Welcome to new Aion, we wont give you ****"
  4. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT thx I will check it out so I can QQ I bit more. I would love we could have such a detail information about skills changing like this one.
  5. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    @Cyan. I don't understand how Gladiators and Rangers that are already super OP get their skill damage increased while SM's get decresed? is that how korea send the patch? or NCWest decided to unbalance things more? like when you did that with assasin's skills and now fixing it... NCWest patch Aion's Powerbook translation of Aion's patch 6.5 Where in korea's patch notes they increase "Inescapable Choke" cooldown? Why do we have Soul Torrent and Soul Surge damage decrease while it suposed to be increased?

    Aly please be respectful, you have been spreading your opinions in every thread for I don't know how long. You don't share what I think? maybe don't agree with the the possible solutions that I share? then say that, but don't tell me what to think, why you send me to relax? Is just rude. I don't see anything nasty but ppl ninjaing others, the "lack of emphaty"? is not nasty, is the sence I get when I read some comments. Once in a while I come and share some understanding with someone that is having a bad time in game. Or go to suggestion box and drop an idea (that is exactly what is for). Is that being unrelaxed? Since we are in the mood of telling ppl what to do... Be happy and let ppl be!

    I don't belive for a second that Cyan can't do anything. He is a Community Manager, one of the many many many things he has to do is to go communicate to his boss (or tank it, idk) what is the community upset about. Or didn't we achived with the force of massive complain that they lower "power shard" prices? That was also thanks to Cyan!! that went to... well do his jobs. Is it the most important? I dont know! Many things need to be changed. But I do agree with this guy, if they unless ban the ppl that clearly ninja in dungeons they would be doing something to stop it, and I'm talking of the laziest thing that they can do. Not 3 days, not 1 week, a month. For that to happen, you guys have to stop mocking of ppl that get ninja and condemn this kind of acts and the lack of reaction from NC. Another harded solution to get done, and ain't that hard cause they done it before and they are going to do it in next patches is to implement the box for each on group. Wouldn't that be nice? Even tho if most of time you get nothing, crafting mats (just saying) or ancient drops? Therefore also a solution to ppl make more kinah that is also another matter that players also concern... Game as you see in these comments has not a good community, lack of empathy still amazes me and in order to help newies you have to group with them, and they also ninja for lack of knowledge, I still want to help them, but system and its rules should be reviewed. Or doesn't other game companies that are more clear and transparent about why players get banned and how much? Wouldn't that be nice here? I hope you get better luck with players next runs.
  8. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    Ofc yes. And they should let players make more kinah so they can buy them, or wouln't work since NC also messed up the ways of getting kinah by lowering the price of everything that we can sell to an npc. Adding kinah as a reward to every quest we make and higher the price of the ones that already give should be a thing to consider.
  9. fighting spirits

    I have been suggesting in a few threads that they add some fighting spirits to the daily PvP quests but I think those suggestion might be lost in all the craziness that this patch brought . It is PvP, it is totally doable and it might bring some more PvP to the game.
  10. Yeah matsu in KT-asmo ppl do that too, but how nice would it be that everybody has the chance to get manastones too? if they are random when you open the bags. How nice would it be that anomos drop a box for everyone and ppl get the chance to get even random weap and be able to sell in broker, so new or returning players that dont have any kinah to enjoy the game get the chance to sell to someone that really wants an extendy? I love to fight against elyos but fight agaist asmos </3
  11. Well but what I was saying is that since producer already told us they dont want to give us free stuff in events, we wont have any of that. And till now they are been consistent, last 2 events where only for ptw, and bad or bugged. And I'm not sure but I think not many players got good rewards anyway. Legendary Kibriums are not only hard to get cuz the other faction is bigger also cuz ptw/overgeard players dont want to invite more ppl cuz they have manastones bags and enchants to roll and if they share, they dont make money that NC made super difficult to get. Thoses bosses loot is a thing that NC should be reviewing since manastones (lvl80) are super hard to get. And that is making endgame gear imposible to achieve to most of us. Is not hard math, if many ppl loot the kibriums, prices at broker drop and you can buy them. But for that to work loot should be revamped and NC needs to give a better way to make kinah. How hard is making loot a box per player and when they open they get random stuff? Is not like they didnt do that before... Having a few overgear players having fun and stuff done and most players not being able to do stuff if going to finish kill this aleady dead game.
  12. mmm tyd, I don't think they will do that any time sooner. I sence some sarcasm here but I'm not quite sure to whom is directed. Read the producer's letter and you will see, but they been consistent with what he said since last 2 event where entirely ptw and with garbage rewards. Kibriums are super imporant for PvP crafted gear and they should give the chance to everyone to get them. If not by event, which I agree. Should be added in PvP instances rewards and even PvP daily quest, since Anomos is not only a big problem for weak factions is also a problem for players that can't play all day to get that specific boss. NCWest needs to understand that having ppl ungear w/o any chance of achieving their goal will lead to a less playerbase than they already have by now.
  13. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Hi: This gives a little bit of hope :3 Please make it sooner than we are expecting. Is sad to see friends come back to try the patch and quit. And since you are considering things to enhance PvP gear upgrade could I suggest something, some players dont have tons of time to farm like a bot Leaders mobs to craft and break items into "Fighting Spirit Fragments", would be possible to add them as reward in the PvP daily quests, since this patch was sold as PvP content for PvP gear?
  14. Hi Cyan: Available December 5 through January 9, 2019 Greater Transformation Contract Jumbo Bundle 5,100 BCC Does that contains "Ancient" transformation contracts? How many? Was it necesary? Don't they already have the white transformations bundles? If that so, why would NCWest decided to take off from the Lakrunerk’s Shop Exchange the ancient contract that every other publisher had? Don't you already have so many complains about game beeing unbalanced by the ultimate exchange versus the new/returnings ancient gear? PTW can have good transformations and get to enjoy the game while players that can't donate wont even in Christmas event? seriusly? Don't you see that items that NC is adding to bcm are unbalancing the game so much more? do they care? And ppl is right, players that are from a lower population server wont have even the chance to get the higher cost items from event. HOHOHO Daevas!
  15. Daevanion Skill By Instance

    LOL sorry haven't been reading forum lately, yes in NA. I play only NA. That drop was here in Asmo-KT, we got it only once in CoE but Sweetzerlandia told me she got it a lot.