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  1. "Animal Farm Medals before maintenance on January 13, 2021" <<<< does that mean that we wont have snowball event? Also, rewards are so bad, why you hate us? XP x100 buff? I hope you guys are working on a better fix for this garbage patch ¬¬
  2. eeeew no! I didn't get any benefit for that npc bug, which was NC's fault, but I don't believe that is the solution. As others stated before, ppl that bought a second transformation from bcm to qualify for this event are going to be rightfuly upset. And if you are planning only stripping those who got the item but haven't donated... well... nc... Find a better solution! Give 25-30 honey songpyeon to those who didn't get the item, or make Pine Lover Moon easier to get or just give the transformation to players freely. You already have a playerbase that is mad at you, why making it worse?
  3. Hi Livo! that's looking good! Lets hope some day NC recognize this great work as a tool for Aion's players.
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