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  1. DN Asmo Abyssal Splinter MIA?

    Hi, like 1 hour ago they gave an in-game auto message that they were "momentarily" disabling it . No news about why QQ or how bad are they going to "modify" it. So in KT-asmos, no abyssal either QQ
  2. Schedule 7.5

    Hi: This is something I made for us all. Nothing is confirmed since patchnotes weren't so thorough this time. If any mistake you can contact me on KT-A It is the same link than last patch if anyone paid attention to that post. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bG3VdODGccE7BLAhC8siCJD-f1CsG-xNRtv1hltaApw/edit#gid=243686914 Enjoy, Azphelumbra!
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    Hi: @Cyan Could you guys please reconsider to make a little change in this event? The event timer is for each toon and the tokens are untradeable in account warehouse. AFKing all day in same toon in days like these is super boring. I'm sure that many ppl want to do their lunas and instances in other toons w/o feeling they are falling behind with the event, as I do. If devs make the event clock account wide like it used to be, and the item account tradeable ppl would be actually able to play, this way is too boring. We are getting 1 item every 2 hours is not like we are going to gain extra... anything cuz you guys made these changes. Right? Lots of Loves, LadyQQ
  4. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Hi: I really appreciate you guys giving us the chance of asking for changes and pointing out issues. 1) The most important issue that I believe you guys should be giving a fix now is for the players that transfered and now can't make lugbug missions, those players (not me) are not being able to enjoy most of the new content in this patch. As a temporary fix while devs really fix it. Would be so hard to send all those players the Dimensional Hourglass to their mail daily? 2) Add the altar's siege that is missing. Not only is needed for all those ppl that play only at early times is also a way to give tiny legions the possibility of getting altars for themselves since big legions are the ones that mostly win them. Besides now we have this new pve weapon recipe that asks about 5k stellium, how do NC expect us to gather that amount if we are not getting the same chances of farming stelliums than other regions? At the very least lower the amount required in the recipe. 3) Now we have so many quests to do between lakrum, demaha and katalam, please please increase the amount of quest that we can get. 4) Since you lowered the EXP that we can adquire in almost everthing, can we get more Boborinerk Gems when we use a coin? Or lower the experience required? Have in mind that now we have a new item that consume half our exp bar. 5) Can we have more interesting rewards in that new boss that spawns somedays after altars? that seems to be a mostly sure dead content with current ones. 6) Lowering the amount of enchant boxes we can buy with Genesys Cristals is going to make new/returning players really difficult, those enchants are NOT tradeable in account wh so at least consider either to make it a bit higher per week or add some drop. 7) Now we have tons of genesys cristals to spare, can we have a shugo exchanger for another currency at the very least, I think that would keep we players that already had reached the endgame interested in playing old (lakrum) content. 8) So finally we have the brokerable prestige pack, in my server players are selling it for 600m it's an insane price, I know might sound bananas but can you lower the price from time to time or make it fully tradeable so if we find someone that wants to sell us for a cheaper price doesnt get snatched by some fast clicker? EU cashshop has an option of gifting to ppl that players have in their FL. Can we have that here too? 9) Why haven't you brought all the old skins to gold sand traders as other regions did? not even in bcm, skins are a big part of this game for most ppl that would dare to admit. 10) Leveling Daevanion skills is just too hard since shugos not always spawn, can you make it to be for each person of the group? Or make it a sure spawn? I really like this patch, and I really hope so see at least some of our requests done in the near future.
  5. Hi: I've been back and foward with a GM trying to explain the issue but I really don't think they know deeply the game to understand. If there is anyone that has been doing these quests you might know what I mean. Maybe if we post our issue here they'll pay attention and fix it, or not. Before Wenesday 29th I used to have 6 of each of those scrolls, after parch they are gone. Not only that if you have the scroll in you cube and try to pick same quest it will cosume the daily but the scroll wont apear in the inventory. What I need is help of ppl that has been doing this quest, check your cube and see if it happend the same for you. Hopefully a GM will read this someday and fix it. Accumulating these scrolls was very handy cuz it gave us the chance to do these quests when we had more time. And farming stellium is an important part of the game that NC made harder by not giving us the extra set of altar's siege that we should have since patch 7.0 thx to helpful players in advance, Zeyra/Caya
  6. Hi: In this patch they added some new rewards to make a legenary/ancient contract. In order to do that we need the shards from the lugbug missions + another item called "Ancient/Legendary Breath of transformation". Does anyone knows where to get them? In Gameforge players can get them for free from their cashshop but I checked BCM and I can't find them. @Cyan coming soon or just forgot to add? :3

    Guys the Boborinerk Gems are now in your Special Cube, I got them like at the bottom of the cube after many empy spaces, almost at the last one. The coins Nylo worked for me, check there. Cubic stats to 0 - I am panicking!! QQ
  8. we can always hope they hear our complains and change it? :3
  9. Hi: Sadly, the Hammer in the PvE instances is to roll, so set roll - normal (-.-) Event tab is showing different timers for each toon, @Cyan are you sure is "per account"?
  10. Hi: Did I miss the big announcement? When did this happen? @Cyan why there is no big announcement about this? wouldn't be cool if you guys introduce it with a 15% discount if players buy 2 in other to encourage ppl to buy it? One tiny observation, having 2 different options (one can be brokered the other not) is not confusing? what do buyers think about that? Anyways, I love this is here!! thx! #teralowertheprice:3
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    Well... exactly that! lol
  12. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Hi Everyone! Those 2 links in the youtube's video description are both updated with Demaha siege times. Aion's Schedule 7.0 Spreadsheet (always updating it)
  13. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    In every update, I saw things that I didn't like and things I did, this Altar's system that they design is one that I don't. As Aly said we used to be able to help other legions by handing leadership, but Korean devs seem to be against helping each other. If you invite players from other legions but you want to cap it, your legion needs to be the ones that most dps the Boss but also you need to have in mind that doors and mobs in altars also count to that contribution. Supposedly we should be having in nearish future mini-patches, the 3 altar's missing and another entire time schedule of the 11 altars added (earlier). That's what we need to ask Cyan's feedback. With hopes maybe ppl in early times don't play as much, I mean the ones that are in larger legions and give the chance to others to cap some altars and enjoy this patch at its full. As everybody said you can do daily things to get those coins and use the General Goods Merchant that is for all players of your faction but all players should be able to fully enjoy the game. But if you are in tiny legions, you guys should consider starting to add other tiny ones to make a bigger one, I've played Aion for a long time and I can understand why you don't want to join or maybe can't to the existing ones. Good luck and let's hope NCwest add altars as soon as possible.