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  1. @Cyan I think we all understand that a rollback is completely necessary but for those players that got their legendary fairly, you guys should be sending them at least a legendary contract of their choice. I didn't happen to me but I feel bad for all of them and NC should do something fair for those players. It's a bit unresponsible to say "rollback" and don't take responsibility for the mistake that after all NC made. Players are freaking out. Some CC should be considered.
  2. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    thx for the thxs and yw!!! @Arhangelos-KT when Asmodians get the altars it will be 1 quest for all the faction and 1 NPC with the weekly quest for the legion that owns it. So it will beneficial but is not like you can not gear if you are a solo player. It will just be slower. It ill also have 1 NPC that sells goodies for the entire faction and 1 special NPC that sell only for the legion that owns. With limitations. I've asked around in EU servers and players are pretty happy with the update. It's just a matter of trying it.
  3. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    That's so sad :(((( but thx for reply.
  4. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Yes!! thx!! Now that you posted that I remember it!! So it was just a mistake in the stream!! @Aly check that out, must be a mistake.
  5. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    thx! I just thought was a mistake I must had missed the clarification QQ
  6. Hi: A few months ago I made in Google Calendar a Schedule for myself based on an old spreadsheet that Megaphone use to make, so I could also get alerts while playing Aion or doing else. Fair warning is in Spanish but I've subtitled it in my perfect (not) engrish It's basically me showing what I made and explaining how to set it up for the ones that had never used a Google Calendar. If you don't use this kind of calendars I've also updated that old spreadsheet so you can also Bookmark it and use it as reference. Aion's Schedule 6.7 spreadsheet Since next week we are getting the 7.0 patch update with Altars and new siege times I will be updating the calendar's file as soon as I get the patch notes. On that note, I would like to ask @Cyan if you could clarify something that you guys mentioned in the live stream, are Altars going to be vulnerable only once a day? not twice like in EU/KR? I truly hope some of this is useful to you as it was for my friends and if I got any time wrongly just tell me. Lots of love, Zeyra
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    I ment the icon that lets you enter to the dungeons
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    That is sad, but no surprise there. Better question tho, does anyone else saw that there is no luna icon on Korean's streams 7.2?
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 3, 2019

    @Cyan what I would like to add to all these good questions is: long time ago you mentioned that NCWest was working is some kind of "brokerable" Prestige Pack item. Is that going to happen anytime soon? or you guys droped the idea?
  10. Ultimate crafted gear

    Hi, you will be able to craft a better version of our current Ultimate Masterwork but as Matsu foresaw it is going to be a proc involved in it. I agree with Mastu and I would go for endgame gear but that is up to oneself and the time/kinah/etc you might or not have.
  11. Verification e-mails for ne IP bugged - solution

    thx so much Arhangelos! a friend just got that issue and your fix worked perfectly!
  12. Suspicious coincidences

    I passed 700 dolls the way Aly said, is much safer. And if is worth for some confort I only got 1 ancient transformation scroll. So yes, worthless event. But well Gideon said it in the last producer's letter... "Welcome to new Aion, we wont give you ****"
  13. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT thx I will check it out so I can QQ I bit more. I would love we could have such a detail information about skills changing like this one.
  14. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    @Cyan. I don't understand how Gladiators and Rangers that are already super OP get their skill damage increased while SM's get decresed? is that how korea send the patch? or NCWest decided to unbalance things more? like when you did that with assasin's skills and now fixing it... NCWest patch Aion's Powerbook translation of Aion's patch 6.5 Where in korea's patch notes they increase "Inescapable Choke" cooldown? Why do we have Soul Torrent and Soul Surge damage decrease while it suposed to be increased?

    Aly please be respectful, you have been spreading your opinions in every thread for I don't know how long. You don't share what I think? maybe don't agree with the the possible solutions that I share? then say that, but don't tell me what to think, why you send me to relax? Is just rude. I don't see anything nasty but ppl ninjaing others, the "lack of emphaty"? is not nasty, is the sence I get when I read some comments. Once in a while I come and share some understanding with someone that is having a bad time in game. Or go to suggestion box and drop an idea (that is exactly what is for). Is that being unrelaxed? Since we are in the mood of telling ppl what to do... Be happy and let ppl be!