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  1. NCSOFT is the new Vought

    Obviously you are an elyos, why would I want 2 keys when asmos can't get enought Pines for one?...
  2. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    eeeew no! I didn't get any benefit for that npc bug, which was NC's fault, but I don't believe that is the solution. As others stated before, ppl that bought a second transformation from bcm to qualify for this event are going to be rightfuly upset. And if you are planning only stripping those who got the item but haven't donated... well... nc... Find a better solution! Give 25-30 honey songpyeon to those who didn't get the item, or make Pine Lover Moon easier to get or just give the transformation to players freely. You already have a playerbase that is mad at you, why making it worse?
  3. Feedback Update: Events

    If you guys are going to ruin them like this current event(Daeva Rangers), in my opinion, don't bring them back. Too hard to pug, which discloses the lie about NC wanting us to help others... Too unrewarding to even bother... Just yesterday I was talking to my legionmates and we all agree that not having a reward at the end of the run gives a unrewardling-like feeling. We are just not doing it. In my case, items in the npc are just not interesting enough, over having a purchase limit they can't be saved for the future as some of them disapear in 7 days... Getting a legendary enchantment stone (7 days) from the 11th anniversary's vending machine, in my fully geared/super old char is a bad joke, at the very least you could make it tradeable through account warehouse so I may use it in a char that actually needs it. I would love not being forced to afk to get exp... please add it in some other way! And Kibblez, if you guys really want everyone's opinion, don't look for them here in forum, tons of ppl don't read it. Make old ingame surveys. Thx for letting us QQ btw
  4. Hi @Loki: I supposed to get the daevanion skill box but when the time came it didn't appear in my inventory and the clock reseted. It happend to a friend aswell. In this picture it says that I have been logged for only more than 3 hours but that is cuz I changed characters at some point. Regardless, you can see that something is wrong, I should have at very least a bit more than 1 hour to get my box.
  5. New Launcher

    Also you can click on the links to Aion's site and forum and will redirect you already logged, which seems to fix a bug I had if I tried to do that from my browser. So yey to that aswell!
  6. New Launcher

    An update of what comes from that testing will be much appreciated. I didn't notice a ping change, 175ms as I'm argentinian, I was scared of choosing my country's region but seems to work just fine. I do wonder what is all about those numbers in the tittle bar, next to Aion.
  7. New Launcher

    I'm old and grumpy but I'm loving the new launcher, and that "stream" feature should be judge for the ones that do stream. Am I right? I was actually going to check it out to see how it works Yes you can. You just have to close the launcher (x) and then click on the "aion" icon, not the laucher's.
  8. LGBTQ

    I'm so sorry you've came across those kind of players, I know what its like. And trying to get some help from support is like talking to a wall. After some time I just decided to keep it to myself and only hold on in my closest friends. At the first sign of toxicity I just delete from fl. Ofc "they" call "me" crazy... My LFG tab:
  9. @Loki Did you guys change reset time/day for renown npcs or that is just another bug?
  10. Prestige is a must

    This prestige pass update for sure makes it more apealing to buy. I've convinced my friends to do so, luckly for us PP is brokerable now. But those platinium cubics are now only for ppl that can afford it. It would be nice to see more of those items brokerable so players that can't afford to buy prestige nor by broker nor bcm could buy those bags of cubics (or other items). Once we get all we want from the machine, prestige pass will become dull again for us and those items will sleep in there, while they would be useful is we could sell them and make some kinah, to buy more prestige.
  11. Aion PvE Rankings

    Hi Livo! that's looking good! Lets hope some day NC recognize this great work as a tool for Aion's players.
  12. Minum Vault bugged, all npcs show the same error and we can not pass the doors. QQ Aetherforge Masters Event: recipes are not there, it supposed to end on september 2nd. QQ After hitting by mistake the play button from the auto-hunting feature that we supposely were not going to have I got dc and kept having this error message until repair file fix but still, I think you guys should know.
  13. hmmm I think someone in NCTeam should read patch notes again... Chanter? are you sure? Cleric?? Vandal?? GG I knew skills were going to change but not "that" much :3
  14. DN Asmo Abyssal Splinter MIA?

    Hi, like 1 hour ago they gave an in-game auto message that they were "momentarily" disabling it . No news about why QQ or how bad are they going to "modify" it. So in KT-asmos, no abyssal either QQ
  15. Schedule 7.5

    Hi: This is something I made for us all. Nothing is confirmed since patchnotes weren't so thorough this time. If any mistake you can contact me on KT-A It is the same link than last patch if anyone paid attention to that post. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bG3VdODGccE7BLAhC8siCJD-f1CsG-xNRtv1hltaApw/edit#gid=243686914 Enjoy, Azphelumbra!