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  1. @Kibbelz LOL at this ... You do realise the limit there cause ncsoft belive we can farm kinah from open world ... So they basicly keep that limit to stop bots from selling kinah... The same dumb reason we dont have Auto-Hunt in open world... Those GM belive be can farm infini kinah in open world from mobs who dont drop kinah or gears we can sell for kinah ... GL with that LOL
  2. @Kibbelz You can tell those gm never play they game to release Auto-hunt in TT only ! Imagine auto-hunt with 5 skill vs mobs who are all in stack of 6 LOLLLLL The point of TT gather soul how you supose acomplish that with auto-hunt ? AND 20 $ ur auto-hunt will get stuck trying kill souls who take 1dmg ...
  3. @Kibbelz 1- Ok where to start Let go with the reward for the top people using enchant stone... 20 $ its going to be bots that will win those prizes... The flowers event we just got was full of bots looting flower to buy refined stone and you know what ? Yeah Ncsoft will not do anything about it, even if the half our league were bots LOL 2- How out of touch you have to be to give a reward like weapon skin for spend most enchant stone in the game... I know you guys have no clue about the game but paragon weapon and yornforged weapon cannot be skined LOLL 3- And last t
  4. Well well well look what we got here! Someone creat a account just for posting on paragon post as same time problem was exposed...
  5. Dude make a video with my name on his character, on same server then me , same faction then me... Getting ilegal paragon gears... That was totally not for try laugh of ncsoft if you can read between the lines ... He clearly take it out cause someone told him he was showing to ncsoft that the exploit was not fix ... Cause his dumb mistake look the conversation about people having illegals paragon is gears is back ... That clearly reason why he took it off!
  6. @Kibbelz W/e what important in that video not that they try frame me... But those GM lie to us AGAIN and dint fix anything !
  7. Faction dont matter any monkey on earth can do a toon lvl 10 ... He did a toon DN-A cause he use my discord name and my faction on DN to try frame me in the video ... And one of his friend probably told him to put video down cause he showing to GM that they dint fix anything ... So he remove the video so that way we dont start a other wave complain about having people walking with cheating gears This dude not smartest monkey in his soccer team that for sure!
  8. Bro btw 3/4 people play aion dont know my name on Discord so that a pretty epic fail Should name ur next toon like MechhEagle, MeechEagle or something like that... Maybe you will have better "chance" to make them belive im the one creating those paragon gears +15 Get a life bruh!
  9. @Kibbelz So you telling me i need do my lugbug daily to get a box then when i open that box i got "chance" to get a box then when i open that new box i got "chance" get a piece of gear for my class... Rng on Rng on Rng LOL (Event) Gloriad's Battlefield Treasure Chest Reward
  10. @Kibbelz My dog be like is all fine !
  11. KT Cheater vs Danaria Cheater LOVE IT !
  12. @Kibbelz Im telling you Bruh people tired seeing you guys doing nothing about people abusing in our game
  13. @Kibbelz You do realise every region laughs at us right !?!? You guys do nothing about people cheating in NCwest you basicly keep giving them free pass... No wonder people start generated gears and items cause they think they can escape with... Luckily we're here to call them out or else you guys will probably never at realise it... But again how we supose to be surprise, seeing you guys do nothing about people using hack , sharing account and botting ... Sorry if i sound mad... but that how people who care look like. When they see people who handle the game like they dont care!
  14. @Kibbelz You can silence me all you want still dont change fact im right ! Listend to your self someone who can generate any items from aion power book totaly had 0 reason to want kinah .... That person was able to generate kinah event box ILIMITED !!! Why he will ask kinah for those paragon items on his toon lvl 10... Those 4 persons pay that dude with kinah to cover they illegal purchase... Easy to see that you getting soft on the ban hammer when that person clearly say in his post that he spend over 50k in aion... But yo w/e kibbelz delete my reply if that help you sleep at nig
  15. Doesn't mean he was saying the truth , we talking about someone who was first to report and buy the same item he was reporting ... Then snitch his self to support to ask if he could restore his item to see if ncsoft will see that his item was ilegal and could try cover his self with a story that he got it ramdom from broker and nobody buy that special item before him ... The only thing you got remember from that story that ncsoft dont have balls to ban cheater cause they see them as number with dollar sign over they head and w/e you do ilegal you wont get ban if you have give them a
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