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  1. Not about size , its about what you do with!
  2. Next step you tell me you belive in Santa Clous ... We all know real reason why they remove it cause they realise they was giving stuff for free!!!
  3. @Loki @Kibbelz Woot 21 days event to get rewards of Aion 6.0 !!! S minion or Ultimate Transformation? We in Aion 8.0 Jesus .......
  4. Login Reward Event Begins (more details on this soon)
  5. You do realise Divine and Silona give better reward than gelk fortress right ?
  6. I hope Archangelos have try auto-hunt and realise there nothing left to bot in open world ...
  7. Cant belive you guys vote for ult transformation event over you know what !!!
  8. Not that they want give it to us ... They just have no choice ....................... MARK MY WORDS !!! Next event will be auto-hunt in Gelkmaros and Inggison !!!
  9. https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aVx3yqK_460svvp9.webm
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