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  1. Ultimate transformation promo ? 7.8 preview ? Staff who work in Ncsoft ?
  2. Do you really think Ncsoft will make a event that give what people want to make sure people are happy ! Nah they have to do a event that you can run 300 instance and never see the extend that they promise you !
  3. @Kibbelz @Loki A other auto-hunt event SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!! See you in 2 week guys !
  4. Make me remember about End of the world event. When they start giving caeus gears and sunayaka extend x 9000 before become ULTRA USLESS ! LOL Aion NA be like ^
  5. Yo 7.8 in like 2-3 week ..... Let me add 6.0 extend Right now !
  6. Do you mean people like Matheus DN-E who have 0 talent and got max gears by flying hack every instance in the game ? Who so mad that i explose him that he making video trying make belive all the people from third world country that i say twelve box when i clearly say dual box?!?!? 1 to 10 how mad you are matheus keep posting ur garbage video on every post bro !
  7. what about you go on ur main so we can see what type clown we have there !
  8. What about fix the price of prestige vendor too !
  9. You probably too much positive ! If i was Ncwest and i will try close the game i will make that lugbug quest give 1 bundle and if you want the light luna you have complet the daily lugbug board ( do 7 daily lugbug quest ) to get it ... So basicly you will have to complet all lugbug daily all ur toon get same reward as afk luna instance !!!
  10. So they dont try they event cause hard mode garden dont drop anything but they keep telling it do ! Now they telling us that luna with come back feb 3 but the instance already back for a week ! THey realise people farming kinah box on they alt account that how they survive the game yet Kibbez be like time to make that game close so i can finaly remove those rubbish out of my life !
  11. The fact that you call me a R word and you have 2500 abyssal crystal and you waste time using ur stars on mobs when you could burn all your stars by not moving by using ur abyssal splinter xp crystals like someone who born with a brain... See those are reason why i call you a Clown ... Cause you have 0 logic !!! People who are not NO NAME and support the game have prestige pack and do prestige quest Lakrum kill 50/50 mobs to get prestige coin on they main and alt to buy one A rank minion max lvl every 2 week... And by doing that you get combat charm from m
  12. @Loki @Kibbelz But i just show you that hard mode dont drop anything !!! Did you even try it , or you just reading the file that say both drop??? Cause right now EVERYONE SAW that hard mode dont drop any tonic !!! HELLO SO FIX IT !
  13. For all the "no name" like @Arhangelos-KT who dont want Auto-hunt and tell me i just want a bot system! Who have no clue about the game and dont want US to farm free exp ! Let me show you one of the main reason why i want auto-hunt !! Next patch they add a weapon who you need like over thousand of exp mark to craft it ! With a lovely proc rate of 15 % ! There the stats of the weapon I hope for you that you are ready like i am LOL, the difference between me and you that im not selfish... I want everyone be able to get that weapon by be able to farm exp mark a
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