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  1. More easy farm extend on Asmo, cause bakarma instance vs zapiel who is a name on a floating island with a invisible path ... Rifting experience better as Asmo cause you rift in heiron who have no separation its a flat land with no guards... If you an Elyos and you rift to belusian every zone are lock by guards, you basicly need to use perfect rift who spawn ramdomly to get to the right pvp zone lvl ... Asmo have better class skill than elyos , the only class who is better is elyos sin who have silence rune... All other class are better asmo. The abyss armor on asmo look way better, ju
  2. Worst part about this that ncsoft open toon creation during prime time of EU during the time most of people in NA are working LOL BTW they care about they community!
  3. @Kibbelz You guys so out of touch again... You could clearly see on discord that you r part of it btw ... That more people was going to Siel AND... You know what like it was 11 years ago When you creat a toon they recommand you to go to Siel LOL I like how you guys force people to make 1 toon by account to reserve name and tell them Dont worry just ninja a name and when server will go live we will let you buy remodel ticket... By doing that you clearly make 9000 account regist over having people with 1 account 8 toon... And now we have unreal unballanced server... Surpris
  4. Im ok with the dude ! Its a crime It make no sence I dont see why they make a nyerk choice like that I wish ncsoft will think before take a price for our own fun They should ask $50 a month. That what i think personally! But yo got keep the price in the range of those bots...
  5. Dude this event will come back dont worry about it... EU and KR got it more than 1 time , this event it a big money grab for Ncsoft. Just wait bro...
  6. @Kibbelz So you teasing us on FB and Twitter... What about you tell us something about it here ? Or at least try to anwser some of us ... Stop ignoring us PLEASE we are human! When are we getting Classic or any info about it on the REAL Ncsoft website ?
  7. The real question here! If we go back to 2009 do that mean we get the staff who was working on the game too ? Cause if same staff who give us auto-hunt in TT map... I can already tell classic gona be nyerk!
  8. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime Can i get a confirmation about end of the event please! Cause you guys did a typo here and i will like know if the event is 3 weeks or 4 weeks... I dont belive the event end on a sunday So june 2 or june 9 is the end of the event ?!?!?!?
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