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  1. Post your Aion character!

    I gave my Asmo a makeover and found some pretty, fluffy wings
  2. The Feels

    Pansy as nyerk, I am . I killed the conqueror mobs, I followed the shugo around from town to town every few hours. I rode the jellyfish. I rifted into elyos territory and killed mobs without interruption. Still, there was no end in sight. And then I had to presumably do similar for four more pieces? Yep. I folded on that quest chain right quick lol.
  3. The Feels

    Not only full dp, but with legion mates standing around us popping buffs and using whatever skills they could without a target. And grinding calydons. So. Many. Calydons. I remember thinking it was taking forever to get my full set. The devs haven't forgotten how to make getting some sets of gear a pain in the ass, though. I decided to try the quest chain for the lvl 65 Daevanion set on my Asmo and gave up mid-boot. That quest makes the old Miragent/Fenris quests look like a joke. Edit: Shout out to anyone still around who was on Triniel at launch. Those pre-merge days were the best of the game hands down.
  4. Real Life Picture Thread

    Sometimes I miss the shoulder pads and high waist jeans... they made my waist look small!
  5. Real Life Picture Thread

    We need '70s costumes in game, imo. Devs, feel free to use the paisley/stripe idea.
  6. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Yeah, I wondered why one mansion on my server had a few bids and was up to 500m while there were two listed at 112m with 0 bids. Then it hit me... duh.
  7. Real Life Picture Thread

    This is a few years old
  8. What are you listening to?

    This made me chuckle... I just bought my tickets for Red and 10 Years this morning
  9. Post your Aion character!

    Elyos sorc: Elyos chanter: and my Asmo (as you might be able to tell, I quit playing during Solaris): She's who I'm leveling now.
  10. Trading coliseum gear to NPC?

    Gotcha. Thanks!
  11. Is there an NPC who takes coliseum gear trade ins? I searched aiondatabase and according to that, it can be traded to Lonkus. He doesn't have a "sell" option, though... all I can do is buy from him.
  12. Fissure of Oblivion Guides

    Thanks for that, I'll definitely give it a try!
  13. Server Merge? uh...

    A tip for anyone else facing this in the future: since you can't be transferred with stuff on the broker, if you realize last minute you made a mistake put something up there to sell. You'll be skipped that round and it will will buy you time to contact support and see if they'll cancel it.
  14. Piece of lvl 10 quest armor accidentally lost

    If you're talking about the shiny white +10 stuff we got, you can't skin it on anything anyhow. I tried last night and was sad.
  15. Fissure of Oblivion Guides

    I do, but the spawns seem non-stop. Once the first set spawns I can't even target the boss anymore because there's always another add to target. (That and I'm a baddie who's so used to starting her rotation with 1, I end up unfreezing then refreezing myself in place more often than not. I have to retrain my brain.)