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  1. I was very clear in my statement, NA needs auto hunting, all the events launched after the creation of this system require the need for auto hunting, as was the event of chocolate and melons where it was necessary more than 2 thousand items to buy the things in the npc sometimes, that way there are two ways to solve, or provide in the game simpler ways to get the cubics and also drastically modify the price of items in the npc of the events or simply deliver the game the way it was designed by the creator including even the vip equal to the asian one and with the same value of 10 monthly dolla
  2. activate auto hunt in all areas please, AION NA is the only one in the world that does not use it being necessary for the collection of cubics
  3. Active Auto Hunt in all location please all need to complete the cubics
  4. I hope that this new update brings more players and that the administration gives a good incentive to new players as well as an improvement in the ways to get kinah, mmorpg without trade follows the path to break
  5. It should already be running on time across the open map, this system was created just to help catch cubics by helping new players as well as events, many of whom were disappointed to see that the system only works within the instance of this event
  6. Preparation event for 7.8? And stop blocking the game's native stuff like auto hunting that was done to help conquer the cubics
  7. I was amazed! It's been a long time since I've seen the ncwest team listen and do something that people comment on the forum! Congratulations on this initiative and don't forget to reduce the absurd difference for new players, always aim to increase your customers
  8. Best time 8pm - 9pm and altars 7pm - 8pm! Remember don't respawn bosses in time of the sieges please
  9. With a change in a schedule that was already complicated for many players in Europe and South America, this change will further discourage the participation of sieges, reevaluate this time if possible for earlier 20:00 siege and 19:00 altar siege, another big problem is the birth of bosses during the siege this needs to be changed to a schedule without any kind of siege
  10. @Hime Active please Buff Retuning 1 kinah in this last week <3
  11. Active Retunning buff for 1 kinah all need please
  12. We need the buff to retunning the equipment for 1 kinah to be added to this boost event, ideal would always be 1x per week.
  13. This update is the best since 4.7, but the acquisition of pvp / pve enchants and legendary / ultimate manastones is very bad Suggestions: 1 - It would be very good if you removed the purchase limit for enchant boxes by genesis 2 - Remove the need for bobonerk gem in the morph for the evolution of enchants 3 - Place a box that can be purchased with legendary and ultimate blood mark containing legendary or ultimate enchants and legendary manastones or ultimates 4 - Stigmas below +9 when it fails not to lower the enchantment level with stigma enchant 5 - Stigmas enchantment save point
  14. European AION is at 7.2 since 30.10.2019 and we are stuck in the limbo of 7.0 kkkkkkk!
  15. It is ridiculous the luck level of the game, spending more than 50 stigma enchants stones and not being able to raise a stigma to +12, as they want to have a high player number if they don't know how to please their audience!?
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