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  1. Probably had something to do with their hacking governor. 1 minute and 55 seconds for a gunner, that's clearly animation hacking a clear outlier and probably did something to screw us over in siege. Ban that nyerk and compensate the Asmodians by given us our fortress.
  2. Its 30% some guy already tested it with a large sample size. Mention someone where on weekly maintenance thread.
  3. Without a doubt Aethertech is just way too good against balaur. You know where it says does another attack on balaur for skills like Ripslash, Rocket Punch, Heatburst that damage is another 40% and it can trigger godstones. And lets not forget Ravager Cannon; which allowed me to solo BT no problem when I was power leveling during double XP. SO much fun with this class
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