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  1. @Cyan AOD Rank Fix!

  2. @cyan suggestions

    Very good suggestions, would love to see these added.
  3. Thank you CowLevel. this is why you are my go to for aion information. If only people such as Unbeatable could share the light on how to get gear rather than just excluding them altogether.
  4. is this a joke?????

    Luna is a way better reward than stones with the amount we need for retuning. Stop crying stones are easy to craft.
  5. Event Rewards.

    Please give us better items in events. This event is not even worth doing.
  6. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    Litterally myself i run that istance twice.. i believe after they removed the GP from EB, and i got my 300 Tho, i asked a legionmate cause i see him recruiting every week and confirmed 300 per run LOL either way wasnt really not the point of my post and I cant even believe players have been even talking and QQ about that. For me they are total irrelevant.
  7. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    And CONFIRMED, ToE gives 300 GP per run, the gp were removed from EB and IS So, PvE (player vs enviroment) ToE 300 GP per win Still i cant care less about the GP .. they are there or not changes absolutely nothing for everybody And my post was about the tons of glitches that we see into the istance every run but they announce the GP thing THATS IT I dont know what you trying to say with those guessing if you cant compete with lvl 10 gaining 200 gp at day for 2 weeks and maybe they beat you in the rank.. well your problem The istance has several gameplay issue that make the "gp " LEGIT OR NOT" being there completely irrelevant in my personal opinion If u wanna shake your tail at NC soft for this irrelevant glitch.. go ahed .. from tomorrow your rank is secured
  8. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    like it matters so much in any rank even if lvl 10 gets 200 GP at day for 2 weeks GP wasnt even an issue And as for the fact that u can afk and get some.. Chaos, Discipline and Glory work absolutely the same Lets try to discuss too about the gendre of angels or the colour of the grass as you guys seems to talk like its a great thing we wont get anymore GP into the istance.. the rest can wait
  9. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    you guys keep talking about irrelevant too.. i still cant figure out who cares about max 200 gp farming in a major broken event istance where as usual in this game the cheaters, abusers and exploiters get away with it
  10. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    sure bout that? i know about EB. infact i said they have been there forever but ToE .. i didnt hear anything beside some people saying they keep their rank just doing that LOL Tho... the smallest of the issue and AGAIN.. as you compete vs opposite faction could even make sorta sense and gets "solved" all the Major issues, they dont even say a word about them
  11. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    Thats a funny joke.. LOL THEY FIXED MAJOR BUGS .. ill laugh my rest of the day i have the feeling they put this istance up without touching it or without running it even once.. lets be honest what possibly any other bugs u can imagine in the istance.. rep quest doesnt work.. lvl requirement doesnt match chance to teleport to enemy base ( still wonder whats the legit use of the kisk. you do NOTHING at spawn point so why would u want to escape back anyway) teleported back after some success jumping getting stucked into tombstone or at middair as u using gravity hack chance to finish the istance and still play it (intendend or glitch that to be honest idk) chance to get killed in autoattack if u relog u get kicked out HONESTLY. WHAT POSSIBLE FIX HAVE BEEN WORKED INTO THIS ISTANCE @CYAN as its sorta racing against opposite faction BTW,. gp makes more sense here than in ToE or in EB have been there forever but its not the big issue .. as usual u guys work on the irrelevant and let the game fallen to pieces what i would love to know if lvl10 will be still allowed .. cause as your hack shield ist not even as strong as a screen for mosquitos as i can set on my window.. people are actually raising lvl 10 accounts and run the istance completely in hack mode OFC u could never predict that to happen.. the game support.. dev team and customer service quality.. its the mirror of this istance ............ Thats it thats all We can clearly see the level of your product
  12. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    My favourite part at @Cyan and this awesome and efficient Dev Team.. is to see elyos in our spawn point taking the our transformation As usual NC soft will tolerate and reward this abusers CAN U PLEASE AT LEAST RAISE FAST THE LVL ENTRY FOR THIS ISTANCE SO THOSE SMARTIES AT LEAST DONT SPAM LVL 10 IN THERE? if its not too much job to ask
  13. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Thats a WOW superlucky... according to Aly-DN i was lucky too.. i got Dye-TRUE black.....
  14. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    For what concern the event rewards.. this rainbow thing has always been so bad . starting from those superugly skin then im trying to think at least 1 possible reason to say dye is good reward..........
  15. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Sorry Etnaa but Level reduction stones, even if u wanna say u have 200 in between the 1k accounts u have all level 30 that u can do luna everyday are untradable so they have no use for purified gear (unless bla bla bla.. ) grey wolf accessories or master harvester gear. So call the level reduciton useless for the luna u might have its justa big LMAO... More than this.. I ONLY DO SPIRE on 1 toon and i cant guarantee that you dont get 10k at week cause you dont even know where u get them as reward. At lvl 4 you get scroll bundle... you need the lvl 8 boss to get the pots.. and 10k at week means you do 100 toons per week? Let me just say WHATEVER