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  1. 6.0 info

    Botting will still be a thing. You will get manastones from mobs and sell em on broker for quite a bit
  2. I've never seen a sin in 6.0 with MB in their gear. And I don't know about the spear thing
  3. Albeit I didn't gear gunner, but when leveling it hits like a wet noodle. AT on the other hand has 3 skills that each increase MB by 760 and DP of course that increases MA by 950, not to mention Aimbot assist that increases MA by like 750 I think. Also AT can keep 30% attack speed reduction up 100% of the time on a target. So ATs truly are the magic glads this patch imo
  4. 6.0 info

    a pop up menu I did KT twice and a key never dropped. You only get a box that contains an equipment item.
  5. As someone who leveled gunner and AT in 6.0, I can say AT will be extremely powerful and gunner will be super weak
  6. 4x or 5x exp and full reward Kumuki
  7. Why not rename Aion 6.0 to Blade & Soul?

    Is it really that odd for a company to re use assets? Sames them time and money to focus on other things.
  8. 6.0 - Gunner Changes

    concentrated fire is repeatable still. source is me playing 6.0
  9. Bonus XP weeks?

    @Cyan Will there be a 300% exp event before 6.0?
  10. Google doc of class changes?

    Does anyone have any of the google doc version of class changes? I found the bard one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JdY4umtp-77YNJq3J9OcSjTHH_rXKK2SbjohH0biAcw/edit#gid=0 If anyone has others, please share
  11. Satisfaction survey

    we desperately need 6.0
  12. I think ravager cannon is bugged, it doesn't deal extra damage to balaur. Check out this video: Ravager cannon should deal more damage than kinetic slam if a target is balaur.