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  1. What a Shame

    fun little piece of trivia: sorc is the only class not at all represented in the top 20 of the arena of discipline rankings in any 6.x season so far go look at mochigirl's latest '9-time discipline arena champion' video (where they have screenshots of multiple discipline seasons) and try to find any sorc in the top ranks for the 6.x seasons. it's like playing where's waldo except waldo doesn't exist
  2. I recently moved to KT and unfortunately someone already took name I owned for 0 years. I’m looking for current owner of ‘pekpek’, if you’re reading this could you please release the name for me? Or to whoever know who has the name and is certainly not playing it, could you please let them know about this post and message me. I know it’s just the name but it means a lot to me. Please be understanding Add thank you at the end I guess
  3. do not end with the spiritmaster's trademark!!!

    SM gameplay has been butchered for a while now. It used to be really fun in old patches when its main damage source came from dots (infernal pain/cyclone of wrath) and you'd actually play with the spirit out. Back when bind and silence were separate skills. It felt like the class had a lot of variation and a unique play-style. Now SM is like a simplified sorc. It's like sorc but less tryhard. Lower skill requirement/ceiling but more effective than sorc overall due to its better CC and more reliable/sustainable (pvp) damage output along with much lower cooldowns.
  4. What a Shame

    sorc is the worst class to play this patch if your goal is to win but that's also what makes it the best class to play... because a win on sorc is a win truly earned (edit: unless those wins on sorc are because you outgear your opponent to the point where class balance is null... which is honestly more likely bcus this game is hardcore p2w and gear > skill now more than ever before)
  5. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    Yeah it's unreasonably hard especially considering how important the bonuses are for pvp. Just another 'Aion working as intended' mechanic
  6. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    Aion Classic sounds like a good idea until you realize that it'd still be handled by NCWest and thus succumb to the same problems that led to Aion's current state.
  7. comes from the god of the Aion Whiskershot ... never in my life have I seen a player so amazing! absolutely crazy how OP he is, i learned ranger from watching him ! check out his content @ [where:twitch.tv/Bl00dpaste]. coolest guy around
  8. Bye EK

    omg it's whiskershot dude ur the best !
  9. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    Yes the OP knew the risk and took it but he shouldn't have felt compelled to take that risk in the first place. Making so many items important to the game's current economy only tradeable through the broker is simply poor game design. Even Kinah is untradeable now. Why? To stop RMT/bots? It hurts the actual player-base more than the bots. Gold sellers quickly find ways around it, as evident by the fact that many gold selling websites still function just fine. Meanwhile the real players have to eat taxes in a game where Kinah is hard enough to farm out as is or risk their stuff getting jacked. Of course we're going to have these problems happen with the way it is right now. We can and should be smart about it but that doesn't mean the trading system shouldn't change.
  10. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    Very true, especially the bold! I myself am thinking of returning to the game to try 6.2 but after reading more info and seeing no news of a new server I'm not very optimistic about returning. I'll give it a go because there's a group of me and some old aion friends that are planning to try out 6.2 together, but hearing that we have to compete with players who get handouts of new gear from day 1 of a new patch and that we're going to have to play catch up from the start just makes me sad. Tbh you gotta take it with a grain of salt when it comes to the opinions of the current aion playerbase. I remember reading through this thread a while back about GP and the amount of aion grind apologists is eye-opening. Same logic applying to the 6.2 situation. brb "catching up is easy, i got to 5 star in just 14 months!" brb "i was willing to work very hard and after a long time of constant effort and grind on this online game i made it so you should do the same!" brb returning to 6.2 to get griefed by noobs with 0 rotation sense due to gear that will take me weeks or months to catch up to brb why did i even redownload this game To be fair, it's still a bit early so it might not be so bad. We'll see.
  11. New Server 6.0

    It'd be pretty silly to not have a new server for 6.xx when the whole point of the patch is to simplify, revitalize and remake the game. The patch is literally called 'Refly' with it being originally advertised as a refresh on the Aion experience. If there's ever a patch deserving of a fresh start server then this is it.
  12. gj ncsoft

    pay to win is an illusion, guys. i made 80bil in 2 weeks with this one weird trick tbh they should just make purifying require +10 accs and add a system message for failing tempering past +7 saying "xxx has failed to temper prime accessory to +8"