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  1. sorc vs. anything but

    Well yeah. If you look at my older videos there might be some damage output/tanking differences because I've been gradually enchanting/improving my gear since I came back to this game at the start of summer and some of those vids you mentioned are weeks old. However, any pvp involving clerics this patch will make anyone's damage look 'meh'. There's also many other things to consider especially if you're comparing with Korean sorcs where they all have easier access to better gear options such as Kaisinel (which is huge for sorc) and full cloud war instead of craft(majority of my gear)/compensation due to stone availability, extendables for melee along with godly ping and better damage in new patch (if looking at 7.x) which is always going to make them look better/faster/more damage etc etc. Not to mention crit rng. There's just way too many factors involved. All of that is whatever though. As long as you're geared enough for your rotations to kill your opponent when you play well then you're good to go. What you really should be paying attention to in pvp videos are skill rotations, good combos/reactions and other skill-based mechanics, imo.
  2. sorc vs. anything but

    sorc: anything but:
  3. sorc vs. anything but

    Yes. Me. Well not quite full +15 ultimate but close enough. Already posted on your youtube links thread but here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3FMQ2Ub862tkFZEsn_-h2A some sample vids (2 latest ones):
  4. sorc vs. anything but

    ^^ Whew that post was longer than I intended but once I started talking about sorc I just kept going. I'm sure most ppl won't even read it. O well, back to the memes... sorc: anything but:
  5. sorc vs. anything but

    Interesting thread. I've been invested in sorc lately and enjoy seeing information/content and opinions on sorc and one thing I've noticed is that this kind of criticism on the class is a commonality across multiple regions. It's not just a bunch of NA bads complaining because they suck despite what some people seem to think (as evident in that other sorc thread under pvp discussion). Sorc is consistently ranked at or near the bottom of the totem pole. You go on the EU forums and can easily find many posts about how sorc sucks now. That 7.0 class tier video linked earlier in this thread ranks sorc as the lowest and has multiple comments about sorc's current situation. The tier list some guy in another recent thread I forget took from some Koreans ranks sorc low as well. Man even the Russian skillcapped sorc god I look up to said that after 6.2 sorc isn't doing well in pvp. Sorc is just in a bad spot lately pvp-wise. Any experienced sorc who reaches endgame-level gear/skill will know this after playing against other endgame-level players and seeing how much it takes for a sorc to even get a kill on pretty much any class these days. Yet when you mention any of sorc's legitimate problems this patch there's always an idiot to tell you "just git gud noob rubbish stop crying jajaja, sorc is strong and op, I saw this video of this Korean sorc who beat this underskilled player this one time in this patch that isn't even in our region yet". eksdeeee It just doesn't feel like sorc is properly updated for the current patch/meta compared to other classes, both cooldown-wise and damage-wise. Even getting a proper aetherhold after RS is down isn't nearly the death sentence it used to be due to how nerfed the sorc aetherhold damage skills are compared to old patches. Remember when you could delete 60%+ of somebody's hp without using your big burst cds if you caught them with an aetherhold and no RS? Any sorcs here remember when popping wintry actually stopped people from hitting you? Or when you could easily play off absolute zero with somnolence? Not to mention how many 1v1 matchups used to be sorc-sided and just aren't anymore, most notably bard, SM and cleric. Sorc used to counter these so well. You used to have to be paraplegic to lose to cleric as a sorc in 1v1 yet now clerics (and bards) can just run around trolling you until you literally run out of skills to burst with. And SM used to get bullied by sorcs. I remember back when SM needed to be on point with the 40m wing root combo to have a chance (outside of the contract+instafear auto-win rotation). After 4.8 when that was nerfed SMs needed to get a perfect spirit wall to win a good sorc. In 5.x they could throw out the need for skill by tacking on a msupp set and tanking a sorc's entire skillbar. Well now there are no msupp sets so it should go back to being sorc-sided right? Nope. On top of the auto-win instafear rotation they now have an almost instant fear shriek. Another auto-win rotation to use. Oh and let's not forget that if you get your magic rush stripped and don't burst with at least magic rush + flame fusion on a SM then you auto lose as they will survive your entire rotation due to how tanky they are this patch with their vision buff or BG. Yet it just takes them one fear then they can bury silence/fear chain u to death. Sorc's most winnable matchups in 6.x are vs glads and gunners in full CD duels, both of which sorc loses to in arena lol (well the true best matchup for sorc is other sorcs tbh). I do arenas every week on my sorc and it's rage inducing at times. You don't even have the toolkit to continuously outplay competent players, especially when you have absurdly long cooldowns and it takes your entire kit to get a kill while most other classes have nonexistent cds or can at least get kills with their basic cds. Never had these problems while playing SM, bard, cleric, AT or even ranger. It's not even necessarily that this class is 'hard to play' or all that complicated. It's just underpowered, so to get decent results you have to overcome that outplaying others hard. Sorc just sucks donkey balls in any pvp format besides full CD 1v1 duels and even then sorcs have to play really well and earn their wins. Meanwhile certain other classes can just spam their buttons and win, thus the memes.
  6. sorc vs. anything but

    ^ Ok I actually feel bad for this previous post I made. I went too far with the meming. Making fun of others for something they cant control is degenerate behavior and I apologize. It won't let me edit or delete it but I reported it so hopefully it gets taken down. i play ranger 1 day and win longtime sorc main w/o auto-win sleep arrow, hard matchup for ranger Seriously though, 6.x dumbed down the game and made it a lot more beginner-friendly. It's not just ranger. Pretty much every class was simplified. Many skills were combined, deleted or turned usable while moving. There are less skills to keybind and keep track of and some op skill effect changes. Damage to HP ratios were skewed towards a more tanky meta in 6.2 and in 6.7 not every class was buffed to keep up with the change (especially sorc). With kaisinel we attack, cast and run faster than ever before. Low skillcap 123 skill spam patch lol There's still definitely a hierachy though. Take AT vs ranger for example. On ranger there are less skills to slideshot but it's still needed to kite and chase properly (especially against decent glads, templars, sins, ATs and chanters) even though you can kinda get away with braindead gameplay at times. AT is still AT. Just use your debuffs correctly and you'll be a god in pvp. All that being said, it's not like it really matters anyway. Game is too inactive and imbalanced for it to be actually competitive.
  7. sorc vs. anything but

    sorc: anything but:
  8. sorc vs. anything but

    sorc: anything but:
  9. sorc vs. anything but

    sorc: anything but:
  10. sorc vs. anything but

    sorc: anything but:
  11. What a Shame

    ^ This thread is about sorc in 6.x not 5.x or 4.x.
  12. I recently moved to KT and unfortunately someone already took name I owned for 0 years. I’m looking for current owner of ‘pekpek’, if you’re reading this could you please release the name for me? Or to whoever know who has the name and is certainly not playing it, could you please let them know about this post and message me. I know it’s just the name but it means a lot to me. Please be understanding Add thank you at the end I guess
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    the players were too happy with the luna craft we can't have our players being happy
  14. Youtube links

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3FMQ2Ub862tkFZEsn_-h2A some (mostly) sorc pvp videos
  15. EU 7.0 Patch Notes

    EU 7.0 this week and patch notes already out 2 days before patch hits. Meanwhile in NA...
  16. What a Shame

    Yeah and that sorc shows up at the bottom of the top 20 in a pre-6.x patch. You can tell by the character level at the top left. It's during 75 cap. If we're using the abyss rankings to see how many active players there are of each class, a quick glance comparing sorcs to other classes on my faction shows that there are more sorcs on the abyss ranks than there are templars, SMs, SWs, gunners, chanters or ATs. This is on KT-Ely which is probably a better representation since KT is more populated than DN. Anyway, this idea that sorcs don't make the cut because there are barely any sorc players in comparison to the rest of the classes is simply not true.
  17. What a Shame

    fun little piece of trivia: sorc is the only class not at all represented in the top 20 of the arena of discipline rankings in any 6.x season so far go look at mochigirl's latest '9-time discipline arena champion' video (where they have screenshots of multiple discipline seasons) and try to find any sorc in the top ranks for the 6.x seasons. it's like playing where's waldo except waldo doesn't exist
  18. do not end with the spiritmaster's trademark!!!

    SM gameplay has been butchered for a while now. It used to be really fun in old patches when its main damage source came from dots (infernal pain/cyclone of wrath) and you'd actually play with the spirit out. Back when bind and silence were separate skills. It felt like the class had a lot of variation and a unique play-style. Now SM is like a simplified sorc. It's like sorc but less tryhard. Lower skill requirement/ceiling but more effective than sorc overall due to its better CC and more reliable/sustainable (pvp) damage output along with much lower cooldowns.
  19. What a Shame

    sorc is the worst class to play this patch if your goal is to win but that's also what makes it the best class to play... because a win on sorc is a win truly earned (edit: unless those wins on sorc are because you outgear your opponent to the point where class balance is null... which is honestly more likely bcus this game is hardcore p2w and gear > skill now more than ever before)
  20. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    Yeah it's unreasonably hard especially considering how important the bonuses are for pvp. Just another 'Aion working as intended' mechanic
  21. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    Aion Classic sounds like a good idea until you realize that it'd still be handled by NCWest and thus succumb to the same problems that led to Aion's current state.
  22. comes from the god of the Aion Whiskershot ... never in my life have I seen a player so amazing! absolutely crazy how OP he is, i learned ranger from watching him ! check out his content @ [where:twitch.tv/Bl00dpaste]. coolest guy around
  23. Bye EK

    omg it's whiskershot dude ur the best !