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  1. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    From 66 snowballs.
  2. Event Disappointment

    Oh, I was gonna say it was awesome that she could now avoid pvp in style now that she had Kaisinel.
  3. Event Disappointment

    Wait, you got Kaisinel from combining the 20 pieces?
  4. There used to be a thread before where people would post skins they wanted in the BCM and sometimes the person in charge of it would actually add some of them. I didn't feel like necro'n the old post so I made a new one. I would like it if some (or all) of these made it into the BCM (or events, tbh): Elroco Hat - [item: 125040235] Eli's Uniform - [item: 110901645] - This was in there before, please re-add it. Eli's Hairstyle - [item: 125045876] Fishing Penguin Hat - [item: 125046002] Roly-poly Festival Hairpin - [item: 125060094] Sunseeker's Beachwear - [item: 110905163] Butterfly Gem Outfit - [item: 110901788] Small Butterfly Wings - [item/112000157] Eastern Gothic - [item: 110901131] Light Follower - [item: 110901770] Light Follower Lace - [item: 112000145] Moonlit Hanbok - [item: 110901732] Punk Rock - [item: 110905125] Striped Ballet Dress - [item: 110900137] Scarlet Waltz Dress - [item: 110000070] Scarlet Waltz Gloves - [item: 111000111] Scarlet Waltz Skirt - [item: 113000071] Scarlet Waltz Drapery - [item: 112000137] Scarlet Waltz Boots - [item: 114000111] Scarlet Waltz Hairpiece - [item: 125046158] Hippo: [item:190120077] The BCM is really lacking. Please do something about it. Thanks.
  5. Ok, so, I know this topic's been dead for a while but I really don't feel like making a new one sooooooo... @BCM Person, ty for adding a lot of the things we've asked for. Really, thank you. I have a question for you, though.... WHY WON'T YOU ADD THE HIPPO MOUNT?! I NEED IT. Need. It. @Cyan I'm @'n you 'cause I can.
  6. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    Detective Pwancwakes to the rescue. (don't ask why it has a mask)
  7. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    That's because deep inside you (and I, honestly) know that it's completely possible it did happen... because we've seen some nyerk happen. Also, it always amazes me how people get away with things and blab about it to others (or decide to upgrade their compensation gear that they shouldn't have had in the first place) and then all of a sudden everyone and their mother knows.
  8. NCsoft support NOT REPLYING? WTF?

    That's what you get for transferring to KT. :T PS i miss you
  9. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    Sigh, I wanted to use it on my Cleric.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Hey, wanna do PvE instances later when I get home from work? I'll invite and set loot to Leader, thanks.
  11. Shugo Sweep Rewards

    I've heard of several people dropping anywhere from $200 to $1k+ on the extendable world boss weapons. So yeah, there's still plenty of people who will drop a lot of money on this event.
  12. Manastone Socketing Success Rate

    I failed plenty of purples pre 7.0 (usually the third one going in is the one that starts failing for me) and I'm still failing them after 7.0. I haven't really noticed any difference, tbh. Enchanting, though! ...that's another story.
  13. Question on Free Vandal Gear Pack

    I know it seems like it's been forever and a half but, tomorrow it'll be 3 weeks since 7.0 came out.
  14. @Cyan

    Sorry, I found that hilarious. Anyways, why not just ask the devs to make NA an NPC that will exchange Ridium into Etium? As for punishment, I can sit here and tell you what *I* would like to happen but that doesn't mean anything because in the end it's Gideon who decides what's going to actually happen and to be honest, I have no faith in that man. Either way, all these bugs plus the way this community behaves have made me not want to play as much.
  15. @Cyan

    If you're going to attack someone, at least attack them for something they have done not for something their friends or legion mates did. He can't control other people's actions, just his.
  16. @Cyan

    21? Those are rookie numbers! ...when compared to this one dude I saw last night: There were 2 hours left of late night EC and he/she/it still asked to be kicked...like, I don't think you can do 34 EC runs in 2 hours can you?

    People are waiting until really late night EC to be able to do this because it's easier to get into the same one. I saw some people doing it last night and was kind of surprised by some names but not at all by others. Seeing as this glitch is potentially losing NCSoft some money, I wouldn't be surprised if they handed out some bans because of it but, who knows.
  18. In EU it's a legendary pve set for the Painter when it hits lvl 80 but seeing as NCWest always wants to do things differently (harder), we're probably just getting the skin version of that set to be used on any class.
  19. Yes. Both genesis and compensation (winged) gear turn into the same gear in 7.0 provided they're +15 ultimate.
  20. The veilenthrone

    Who exactly acted "snooty"? Out of the 18 people in the alliance that downed VT, only Waffles and Nurse have posted in this thread. Waffles posted a link to the video and said VT is the new CoE and Nurse addressed some things that Kali-EK said. Nowhere in there did either of them said "lol it's so easy anyone can do it".
  21. Please also add this next Christmas: Rudolph Headdress https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/125060114 It glows.
  22. The purple part, the purple in the screenshot I posted is lighter than the one in Shaidessa's.