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  1. Is this a serious question or are you just trolling? Because, why would they make a brand new server when they have to merge the two we have at the moment because there's no population? Makes no freaking sense.
  2. I'm just expecting a "Can't talk about it.", tbh. I'd be surprised if they went further than that.
  3. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  4. Both Aly and Cheesecake have moved on to other games. Cheesecake says she doesn't really care anymore because Arhangelos is right in that their biggest criticism was population issues, and everyone else has taken over pointing out the population issue problem, lol and also, she has been following the Aion Classic drama off and on with popcorn in hand.
  5. Oh wow, it's been over a year since I made the post this one was inspired by. A lot of the skins I asked for in that thread were added for a while in the BCM or were given as rewards for events (or in the case of the HIPPO, THEY ADDED IT TO DAISHUNERK'S GAME OF FATE AND MADE IT NIGH IMPOSSIBLE TO OBTAIN WITH HOW RIGGED THAT "GAME" IS... sorry, I'm still salty about that. :c). Hopefully they can add them again, and also add all the other ones in that thread that were never added. I don't really play this game anymore (I haven't for the last 6+ months) but I do log in to pay my house e
  6. Thank you for all you did and tried to do for this game. I know I and a few other people will truly miss you working for NCSoft because even though there are people who blamed you for everything wrong in this game, we have always known the truth of how much you worked your butt off for us to have things we asked for, whether we got it or not. So, again, thank you and good luck with your new adventure!
  7. Oh, I was gonna say it was awesome that she could now avoid pvp in style now that she had Kaisinel.
  8. Wait, you got Kaisinel from combining the 20 pieces?
  9. Ok, so, I know this topic's been dead for a while but I really don't feel like making a new one sooooooo... @BCM Person, ty for adding a lot of the things we've asked for. Really, thank you. I have a question for you, though.... WHY WON'T YOU ADD THE HIPPO MOUNT?! I NEED IT. Need. It. @Cyan I'm @'n you 'cause I can.
  10. Detective Pwancwakes to the rescue. (don't ask why it has a mask)
  11. That's because deep inside you (and I, honestly) know that it's completely possible it did happen... because we've seen some nyerk happen. Also, it always amazes me how people get away with things and blab about it to others (or decide to upgrade their compensation gear that they shouldn't have had in the first place) and then all of a sudden everyone and their mother knows.
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