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  1. I'm not making excuses but surprised most don't realize they run on skeleton crews in Na and Korea during December/Holiday season. It has been that way since Aion Launched in NA 14 years ago and is why never see patches in December. We all know Na cannot do anything without Korean Devs. So I expected nothing to get really done over the Christmas Holiday season as it never has as the staff working is for emergencies only. So as long as you can login to game don't expect anything. Now what they should of done before hand is maybe script in AP and XP buff for holidays to give player base a lil something besides the current events. Something small and easy to say no changes this month but here. Also would of served the purpose of allowing any new players or people leveling alts a catch up mechanism while off over the holidays. Something Small but also easy for them to have done. Anyway don't post here much just sharing what know since played since na launch on and off. Hope everyone here had a good Holiday season except those in Bunny Mafia Happy new year all
  2. You can play both. Just can't create any new characters till resolve having both factions on 1 account. See this link https://www.aiononline.com/en-us/news/AionClassic-Server-Merge-QNA
  3. Not alot read forums anymore since company does little to interact with community or resolve issues. To answer your question, if you logout transformed the timer continues to run. So you lose after 10 mins logged in or logged out.
  4. What Shirene said Korea does the maint now and the time they do it on Tuesday night is the start of the Korean work day on Wednesday morning so basically convenient for them
  5. This site closed down when all servers moved to Ashburn Virigina and AWS. They are based out of California known as NcAmerica now and prior to that ncwest. May not be on that site. Either way they are just a Puppet as Korea owns them and pulls all the strings always have and always will.
  6. Actually on new server it is true as in order to go to Silentera need to own 1 gelk or ing fort Asmos on new server own none.
  7. Pretty simple really. Korea does the maint now. The window starts 9 am Korea time on their wed morning. If look here https://myaion.eu/ you will see that almost all ncsoft owned sites do maint at same time now.
  8. Honestly most likely just RNG. 3 different versions of Ulsurak can spawn. Believe 3 may but Ulsurak has least hp , Grand Ulsurak has more hp, and Seasoned Ulsurak has even more then that. Possible Elyos just got one that had less and Asmos got one that had more hp and couldn't kill it
  9. Do Tempus S rank Daily. Takes 15 mins and you get 3 sapps every run
  10. Yes sieges are better. However due to mechanics you have to solo or small group to maximize rewards and contribution. Just the way NC made sieging now. Alliances and league usually get shards the solo and small groups medals. Contribution split among way more players in Alliance.
  11. LOL you realize it was the weekend and today is Monday which is Memorial day in the US. Don't know where you're from but I don't work weekends or holidays either. They not perfect but geez give it a chance before rage posting everyday.
  12. Problem is Elyos couldn't do talocs hollow due to fact that entry quest needs them to goto Poeta. No Talocs means no buffed xp and no last 2 stigmas. They did fix it with maint I have tested it
  13. It is fixed I just teleported there on my exeecutor.
  14. Can't on Elyos side. Need to be able to get to Poeta to complete the Talocs Hollow entry quest. As far as I know
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