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  1. So People ask for drop rate increase for Draupnir cave and Adma/Tlabs and you only make one for Dark Poeta? Seriously how out of touch are you all. Like legit looked forward to merge now I could care less. You seem to constantly not listen to anything people ask you guys. @Kibbelz@Loki
  2. Oh I agree. I am not defending just merely stating the obvious. They not gonna change now. Their marketing of this game has always sucked. I guess my best guess for merge will be after current daeva pass expires. Just my guess though. When they have done bad marketing for 12 years, not done big things in December for 12 years just saying don't expect it to change now cause history says it isn't going to.
  3. Not true bottom line retail before became f2p was same way. They don't do stuff in December period
  4. Well you will be sad to know. NCwest closes down till the new year. In the 12 plus years game has been out they don't do any big things in December such as updates, expansions and rest assured server merges. Won't see a merge till January or February
  5. How it worked on retail when merged to 1 server is you get to keep both factions. However you are unable to create anymore toons until you make a decision what faction you want and delete the other
  6. Doesn't take much know how into this to realize all the devs are in Korea and probably needed them to show them how to change values and allow them to. Not everything is tin foil hat material. Does it suck broken for a month yes, but they are fixing now so let them. I am sure they realize some compensation in order which they will do after they fix it
  7. Finally after 12 years the Balaur are now the balancing faction they were always meant to be . Kinda ok with this when Balaur attack more forts should flip. Once merge comes may make sieges less boring.
  8. the person who gets first hit on boss gets update. Every daeva pass quest this time seems to be first hit gets update. I confirmed this in dredge and others have confirmed with the daily kill 10 mobs in group. I finished the dredge one, so if in static for dredge take turns getting first hit and see if that helps
  9. This refer a friend is a joke. What kinda reward is administrator boons for a level 50. I recall when they did this years ago the reward was crowns if your friends made it to 50. This is a complete joke could literally of made the rewards to refer people more meaningful as such no one in the right mind going to refer people to play this game for administrator boons. Completely out of touch with the community once again
  10. Not just Siel this time Israphel never got it either @Kibbelz
  11. Like I said I applaud you for trying to do something. It is just after 12 + years of the same thing over and over it's like beating a dead horse. I just don't care enough anymore and my personal opinion is it is going to go nowhere aka fall on deaf ears like many other things in this game. Instead of keep beating a wall when I stop having fun, I will go silently into the night and just stop playing. My days of getting worked up over their support long since past. Again good luck in your initiative though
  12. I respect the passion trying to get them to change. Reason I won't sign it as it has been this way for 12 plus years, if you are expecting a different result then history has consistently proven well then I wish you luck.
  13. LMAO you are one special person. I obviously have made you upset. Both my Grandmothers are dead thanks for bring that up and them into it just shows the class of person you really are sarcasm or not. Back to the real issue. Maybe read this one since reading seems hard for you either cause you don't or some other reason One at no time ever have the IS Elyos been dpsing 2 forts again shows you have no idea about IS Two Only one fort a cycle has ever flipped and in fact still not enough high level elyos to take a inner they tried it failed Three I suggested that early si
  14. maybe, but they don't exist currently so even with Elyos owning the forts their not making more from those and not in game yet.
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