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  1. -when your minions' (lvl 4) stats increased and players think you're hacking (I'm surprised Sheba and Modor's stats for second skill is crazy xD)
  2. when starting the new year with the flu and stomach virus (it was my first time having the flu and it was excruciating -_-, but at least i'm feeling better and recovering)
  3. congrats cheesecake -when a dentist appointment lasts for 3 hours
  4. -sudden glitches at windstream this one asmos Templar suddenly used a lure skill on me just when I used Windstream and my game started having glitches at Windstream that I had no choice, but to relog more than once -when throwing away the wrong item. I literally threw away a sanctum dredgion defense equipment loot box (I thought it was a aoe mythic equipment box -_-)
  5. wow that's huge 1. severe toothache with a headache 2. when you go to work and realize that you left your lunch home
  6. it was pineapple+peach with grand marnier. Literally burned my throat, not doing it again >.<
  7. when trying a alcohol drink for the first time ... >.<
  8. when players from opposing faction accuses you of something you don't do. I've already had two players (Tm-asmos) accuses me of hacking -_-. it's not easy to enjoy the game when you have players giving you false accusations
  9. -invasion of ants -not fully awake and still have to go to work
  10. same thing happened to me from the invasion. no loot
  11. <---(Redtrinity *yes I had a name change) it has been ages since I was online let's see rl pet peeve *your phone still plays youtube vids and you're sleeping
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