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  1. The quest marks are in blue/turquoise? Im at 70, but I only see the [instance/Group] quests now. It's okay, u can mention the NPC in norsvold, I will seek their "twins" in iluma
  2. I don't see these quests in iluma. Where is that exactly? Or what is the name of the NPC to start those? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I'm a returning player too. So u said that the percentage of afkers are around the same in Ely & asmo, but in general, Elyos (as usual) has more active players, on both server, got it.. But maybe a simple question: which server has more active players, Danaria or Katalam? Cos I'm thinking of making a new character, and I want to play in the more "active" server. (this question is also for everyone who knows, not just for Aly-DN) Thanks.
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