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  1. Need help with gears

    Thank you very much. And....question...how would it work using the abyss set in istances?
  2. Need help with gears

    Hello, I am wondering...could someone give me an idea of what gears are used for end game (both pvp and pve, but didn't know where to post this, so posted in pve), which are the best, how to obtain them and so on? Thanks
  3. As title says WTT KT's elyos kinah (server and faction which i won't play) for DN asmo's kinah (server and faction that i play and i want the money in).
  4. Gunslinger

    Thanks. Can i ask one more question? Untill what number is defined a good/or ok ping for gunner?
  5. Gunslinger

    Hello, Is there a guide about guinslinger? Or can someone be so nice to give some advices about how to play that class well? I read it can be very good if played right, but is hard to do so. I just made one, and i admit i am totally nub (i guess), i am gonna work to become good, but might use some advice to start work with, like skills, stigmas, how to switch weapon and such.
  6. Transfer

    Any way to have any kind of security? x D
  7. Transfer

    Is there any way to transfer money from a server-Elyos to another server-Asmo? Besides making it in 2 trades with someone that wants the contrary way, which is risky of scam?
  8. Aion History

    Ty Mayinne and Bryos, exactly what i was looking for
  9. Aion History

  10. Aion History

    I read Aion history once, all what happened between asmos, elyos, and about Tiamat, Siel and all that. I wanted to make a friend that i just got playing read it too, but i can't find it anymore. Does anybody have a link where i can find the story of Aion/Atreia?
  11. Aion takes ages

    Is it normal that Aion takes ages to start? The loading screen after you press "play" in the launcher takes like 40 mins sometimes to end loading (sometimes few seconds, sometimes 40 mins, getting stuck like at 64% and other points for even 10 mins). Any way to fix this?
  12. Hello guys, Was wondering...what is profitable leveling up between all the crafting skills (cooking, alchemy, tayloring and so on)? Thanks