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  1. Katalam server needs restarted

    Try now, I just logged and everything seems fine atm
  2. Katalam server needs restarted

    Well here is what I know that wrong so far (That I know) Abyss Camps are gone. Marchutan Priory is Missing NPC's along with Arena Entrances and other Instances like Adma. Some General NPC's are missing Teleporting causes Send Logs at times. Is this some new event where most things get Hide II?
  3. Thanks for fixing the NPC's (atleast) but now the Arena Doors and NPC's are MIA! and Camps are gone as well. Did you give them all Hide II? Please do something and write a post in the forums or Twitter so we can stay updated. Shut it down for a few hours to fix things if necessary.
  4. Mirash Sanctum

    Honestly, How many times are we gonna die over and over to this. Pierce skill: Go behind and away from the casting, Turns right around and hits me. Dance Skill: Goes into the safe zone, Dies instantly or lives with a scratch of health. That huge AoE: Sometimes no pads are safe. Just like MayBlue said there are some visual bugs that prevent us from seeing proper safe/danger zones And as Jozepy said the hook is bugged at times as well as the safe points for the last boss. Honestly NCSoft, I know its hard and tiring but please start doing your job. How many years are we gonna suffer from your lack of commitment?