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  1. EK Server Situation

    "would be an extremely stupid thing to do." Never before has NcWest done anything extremely stupid.............
  2. Just a friendly reminder the general Community manager last logged into Lineage Classic forum March 8, 2019 total posts since 2017- 419. Last logged into Aion forums January 7, 2019 total posts since 2017- 45.
  3. Mr. Squid is correct. In fact if you are gone for 30 days you get a lot more stuff and can actually make tons of in game silver with life skills. Mounts are permanent, nothing aggravates me more than a in game "rental" item. I played Aion 9 yrs and really see nothing right now in the cash shop that would interest me. Also, do not play BDO anymore. For the most part bounce from FF14 to GW2 at this point. Sorry for anyone that is getting let go. have seen too much of that in my life and the effect it can have on their home life. Hope the best for them in any future endeavors.
  4. Ultimate stones enchanting rate is S**T

    You broke my mouse wheel with this post.
  5. Mobile? Seriously?

    The mobile team is working diligently on the new project. The Aion PC team......doesn't work.....
  6. Why anyone would want to play a mobile rpg pvp game is beyond me. Guess just a matter of what you like. Enjoy the 3" x 5" view and make sure your thumb nails are manicured you will be seeing them a lot. as others have said before, just funding the mobile projects now. The way this game has been mishandled and ignored gives me absolutely no reason whatsoever to spend anything on any products they have. Came back about 6 weeks ago spent roughly 100 with hopes and it ended up just wasted money. Something that will never happen again with Ncsoft. 9 years and out, started Kaisinel ely ( hi Aly from Anyeurism), and end on Siel asmo. Was waiting for this from Ncsoft, knew it was coming.
  7. GP reset date

    Thank you Rainburrow, was trying to think what would be the newest version of enchantment stone dust. You nailed it.
  8. Anti cheat

    Aly, There is a strong possibility that they don't know how to use XGINCODE. Or maybe they think it does everything for them and there is no need to look at it. Not sure but think that program just contributes to lag now, not going to use it just dump it.
  9. Guess it depends on your perspective of what crowded is. This game basically has only one map the majority of players would be on, and it is a small map in comparison to most other games. Just checked now at 6:30 AM ( yes I know its early Sunday and most are getting ready for church). Asmo KT had 3 players in Ish and 10 in Beluslan, main map showed 104 which is the max search unless I break it into classes (too lazy). I just logged out of FF14, I am on the novice/returner chat and it showed 324 new or returning players online and 31 mentors. That is on just one server. I do agree with Ressentiment, they are milking what they can out of the remaining player base. They had their chance to increase population with patch launch and blew it. Can't even make simple fixes or respond.
  10. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    Happy Chanukah to the CM with less posts than me. Hope you enjoy Crow for holiday dinner.
  11. Death of a Game: Aion

    All games have bots, difference here is we have basically one tiny map compared to other games with several large or one large map. So the bots are much more noticeable here. Add in the fact there is only one type item worth botting ( guiding stones) and you have created basically a nice little profit center for them. This does contribute to the death of this game as some players get frustrated trying to get quests done with rangers and sw's all over the place wiping the mobs. Gigantic gear gap and little to do for about 4-5 days per week is not helping anything.
  12. Start Petition

    I think everything they are putting time into, and money is for future mobile releases.
  13. Start Petition

    Saw something on Glass Door about them hiring a former EA exec for some department, sorry i don't remember what and now can't find it lol. Don't think I need to say anything about EA's reputation. Buckle up rough road ahead.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    That's what I thought. Maybe he used some song with bad boy words lol, only mech will know that i guess.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    Blocked by WMG ( Warner Music Group) apparently whatever he used for background music lol.