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  1. That sort of thing has been going on for a long time. I remember in 5.8 more than once I did QE Dredge and two times against a premade I was with the same cleric and chanter, they were ely alts. How do I know? Because they were smart enough to put in their notes with cute little hearts their affection for the Ely Glad in the premade. Pretty much took care of those runs no heals no go and I couldn't get any quests done. Same always happened with IWW. Dirty players dirty game.
  2. The Casino I work for sends out a Semi Annual form in the mail to anyone that spent money in the Casino, Hotel or restaurants. They ask what they liked or didn't like about their stay and what they can do to improve. Recently they were voted in the top 10 nationally for customer satisfaction and service by USA Today. Within the corporation they were voted number 1. needless to say I am proud to have been a part of that. What say you Ncwest? Where do you rank. I know it is a different business but all the same all customers count that's what makes you the best and brings the people back.
  3. They won't learn anything, have to wonder how many ex EA employees they have now. A corporations reputation takes another left hook to the chin grats Ncsoft. A fool and his money are soon parted. "Play it again Sam"
  4. They lost what remained of any PVE players with 6.x or maybe sooner. Whether you liked them or not they contributed to the game. I left in December, after what i considered an inventory looting, and for me nothing to do. In5.x I would roll dredge, OW, KB and IWW. It was things to do, and had enough time to do them with more than one character even if it was only for 3-4 days per week. Had upper abyss forts instead of just one. Couldn't get any of the new gear past +5 and I guess it was just time to say goodbye to Aion retail. I can't be on all day everyday so possibly some other semi casual pl
  5. Might be mistaken but i think the head honcho at NcWest is the wife of the head honcho at Ncsoft. Good luck with that. Game is basically in maintenance mode except for some yearly updates and a few events.
  6. Yes FF14 was a historic fail at launch, but rebounded with passion and I might be wrong but they are still one the leaders in online gaming. Well done all around for Yoshi and crew.
  7. He may be planning to play Aion legends, a private server which is 4.x i believe. maybe lol.
  8. It is still a pvp game right? If I got mad every time I was ganked in 9 years Probably would have had a stroke by now. I never got mail like that before.
  9. Cash Grab yes, that is the only reason I believe they made a new server. Wasn't it unannounced? Get the last few drops from those teets before the dairy closes.
  10. Having worked for a Casino for the past several years I find it interesting what people will spend money on and what they consider fun. Some will sit at the same machine for hours on a style that I personally would not like, or others come to play poker, Blackjack, craps or roulette. None of that interests me either ( well maybe occasionally some black jack). It is however what they want to do and what they enjoy spending their money on so more power to them. Everyone is different in their own special ways. So if you enjoy playing Aion for whatever reason it interests you then by all means hav
  11. Well, the one thing I can agree with is Aethertech. Did honestly try it, other than looking like a updated version of Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space tv series (yes I am that old), the constant bouncing drove me nuts and made my neck hurt.
  12. No surprise here really, predictions before launch was it would fail. To my understanding steam refunded 7,000 plus players the day after it launched. Seems Bless has failed in every region they went to.
  13. Long time ago before Aion. I played Runes of magic for awhile. A German game. Adolf Hitler was not allowed couldn't even type it in chat, was an auto block. Was some others also like Himmler. Back in the day have seen GM's get online and change a players supposed bad word name to something like "Fluffyrainbow", was fun watching them rage in lfg.
  14. Never forget the number one ely killer in all of Morheim....King Consierd. Seen him wipe full groups of rifters.
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