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  1. Aion 2 PC underworking ?

    I think there is still a huge market for PC, a lot people are starving for one. Bless had a huge turn out, however failed miserably as predicted. GW2 seems to be getting a little stale even though it still has a fair population as does BDO. Problem with Aion 2 or any other from NcSoft is, it will be handled here by NcWest and you will be lucky to get 50% of the content or support Korea would get. Just have to look at the track record here. Inept Dev team (if there actually is one) and a marketing team/person that doesn't have a clue what the player base would want and purchase. If it wasn't for Cyan there would be literally no communication whatsoever. I am not nor will I ever be a mobile game player so if the market dries up guess I am done with online gaming.
  2. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    You expected them to fix some issues, Finally, and not include a way to increase profit? Not saying I can agree with them, however money is what keeps the game running. What fun would pvp be if everyone was equally geared. Ah the days when 50E was tops and everyone could have same running,attack and cast speed. Except the Vanilla tool players of course.
  3. Is Ncsoft killing Aion on purpose?

    This game is already dead, for me anyway. 6.0 was the death toll. 9 years I played Aion and put a lot of money into it, never before have I seen a company self destruct a game the way Ncwest/Soft has done. It started before 6.0 the slow dismantling, but 6.0 wrecked it entirely for me. I don't think I have ever seen a company treat its paying customers this way either, guess I am too old school for this. Props to those still remaining you deserve better treatment than what you are getting now. What I have learned from this is anything with NcSoft on it is taboo. Will never spend another dime with this company. Including GW2, only a matter of time before they wreck that one too. Funny when I get around playing other games and join guilds, bringing up Nc and the responses I get. They thoroughly have trashed their own name and reputation.
  4. I'm sad.

    Tera had Devs from Ncsoft , that game was 2011? So probably the same ones for A:IR guessing. The Aion 6.0 devs are still here.
  5. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    Both of them?
  6. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I have not logged in since December, but had to just to see what was on the Gold shop.....nothing except a over priced skill range box. A lot of your remaining player base put lots of time,money and effort into getting rank( ok ok maybe not all). Give them something useful and reasonably priced for heck sakes. Really do not think you are in the position to tick off anymore of the remaining player base. Whenever some one asked me what class does the most damage, I reply the "DEV" class. True in most games I have found.
  7. EC kicking ability?

    I remember back in 5.8, was on my level 73 ranger and active when a General commented "kick everyone 73 and under they are either afk or a spy". I was booted seconds later, was a well known General who i know has played since launch. Not all the blame can be pinned on Ncwest for this, the player base itself has helped a lot in the decline of the game.
  8. EK Server Situation

    "would be an extremely stupid thing to do." Never before has NcWest done anything extremely stupid.............
  9. Just a friendly reminder the general Community manager last logged into Lineage Classic forum March 8, 2019 total posts since 2017- 419. Last logged into Aion forums January 7, 2019 total posts since 2017- 45.
  10. Mr. Squid is correct. In fact if you are gone for 30 days you get a lot more stuff and can actually make tons of in game silver with life skills. Mounts are permanent, nothing aggravates me more than a in game "rental" item. I played Aion 9 yrs and really see nothing right now in the cash shop that would interest me. Also, do not play BDO anymore. For the most part bounce from FF14 to GW2 at this point. Sorry for anyone that is getting let go. have seen too much of that in my life and the effect it can have on their home life. Hope the best for them in any future endeavors.
  11. Ultimate stones enchanting rate is S**T

    You broke my mouse wheel with this post.
  12. Mobile? Seriously?

    The mobile team is working diligently on the new project. The Aion PC team......doesn't work.....
  13. Why anyone would want to play a mobile rpg pvp game is beyond me. Guess just a matter of what you like. Enjoy the 3" x 5" view and make sure your thumb nails are manicured you will be seeing them a lot. as others have said before, just funding the mobile projects now. The way this game has been mishandled and ignored gives me absolutely no reason whatsoever to spend anything on any products they have. Came back about 6 weeks ago spent roughly 100 with hopes and it ended up just wasted money. Something that will never happen again with Ncsoft. 9 years and out, started Kaisinel ely ( hi Aly from Anyeurism), and end on Siel asmo. Was waiting for this from Ncsoft, knew it was coming.
  14. GP reset date

    Thank you Rainburrow, was trying to think what would be the newest version of enchantment stone dust. You nailed it.
  15. Anti cheat

    Aly, There is a strong possibility that they don't know how to use XGINCODE. Or maybe they think it does everything for them and there is no need to look at it. Not sure but think that program just contributes to lag now, not going to use it just dump it.