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  1. So...I received a few mails...I mass deleted them...so...if you sent me mail...pls send again...
  2. I need at least 6 out of the following. Draining Blow +9 Ankle Snare +9 Lockdown +9 Crippling cut +9 Sharp Strike +9 Sure Strike +9 Exhausting wave +9 Precision Cut +9 Magic Defence +9 Whirling Strike +9 Spite Strike +9 Tendon Slice +9 Earthquake Wave +9 You may send me in-game mail to "GasPedal" to discuss details.
  3. I am a returning player and I found lots (500 bags) of Larger Greater Supplements Bag in my Warehouse... I am not able to sell all of them fast enough to NPC... What will happen to them in 6.0? Will they simply be deleted? Or will they be bought by the game at default price...
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