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  1. Chanter group play should go dps or support ?

    My lvl is 74 and DPS with suport stigmas: Blessing of stone, elemental, healing burst --- rise, annihilation, word o life --- vision: word of instigation. Obs: my nick is Bluesera
  2. Chanter group play should go dps or support ?

    My stigmas pve for aoe and coe are Suport buffs but playing DPS mode. Elemental, blessing stone, healing boost ---- rise, annihilation, word of life ---- vision: word of instigation. Learn how do weaving and u can do 5k dps more in AoE, and 4k more in CoE I can do 5.7k dps if poped WoW and continue alive XD. Sometimes can i stay on first or second position when other ppl from group are level below at me. But, if u want do full dps with not buffs suport, can you use: Montain, Blessing of wind (great stigmas for pve dps), Numb Blow --- rise, annihilation, word of inspiration --- vision: aoe attack. **** Use Pledge of Earth on +8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing. Or use on +5, maybe, but do!!!! pop 2k dp, Blessing of wind and fire transformation buffs couting most efficiently... Ever use dp if u can. I dislike Leaping because are 3 seconds and cant weave it. U lost so many time and damage. But, for AoE and COE my preference is do suport buff stigmas and fight... ever do weaving. Change to heals mode if cleric die or ppl need so many assistence. For exemple: on first boss from CoE, when summons eyes, is a hard time to the cleric, so can you, chanter, change to suporte on this moment and suporte group with shields, buffs, heals... ur job. Hybrid!! I did one time the second boss from CoE in 5 ppl and im healing with not cleric! 2 lvl 75 transformer. So chanter can do any heals too.