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  1. Returning player questions

    CLERIC CHANTER SONGWEAVER good to see a new group 'heal' class even though even though not many have a clue what 'heals' actually is i am amazed by the lack of knowledge of the class skills even after almost 12 years of class information being available and this game is only playable if you know people and go to instances which does not guarantee staying alive
  2. wasted: half a billion kinahs & 500 craft attempts @lvl140 manastones to NOT level even 1 point on Aetherforging lvl 159 to 160 it will not level !!! yet another disappointment courtesy of Nc i give up
  3. stupid events are stupid. so much information is NEVER given for events, but you have to put up with the deceptions and omissions, time after time, and the ongoing ignorance is stunning. only the no-lifers chase these events & they also give the most $ to the Nc shop, which is the point of 'events', it pays big time to the people with invested interest. any thought police going to stop me? probably.
  4. Cannot Regist XIGNCODE Module

    tyvm for fix @LadyGermania-KT & do not worry about the arrogance of Arxaggelos-KT, it is the way he was raised. People like that get theirs in the end.
  5. Instanced housing

    (#×_×) how about just buy a piece of ALLOTTED LAND, in Vert, Eltnen, Heiron, Theo, Inggy, &/or Cyggy (& asmo equivalent) & go for it, furniture already avail, plants that can all be 'gathered' or 'watered' etc endless possibilities for expansion. there is already a precedent set with a few houses in some lands. improvements to the main town forts by the owners of land & homes, same as in Oriel & Pernon. more improvements makes the fort more invulnerable. DID YOU HAVE TO GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES TO READ THAT TINY WRITING?
  6. Aetherforge questions

    having the 'category' column like at the broker is a GOOD IDEA in the 'proficient' column, ☑ please add the checks ☑ like in the lower level system, scrolling thru is ugh after making partial mats ☑ showing partial mats ➡️ , extended designs, is a GOOD IDEA in the 'status' column when it says 'not obtainable' i wasted time by not knowing that a design was available at the npc. to me, not obtainable means i can never get it. a better word might be: purchasable difficult to advance with no levelling designs, stuck at proficient120 atm, not wanting to craft useless armor/weapon/accessories having to hover mouse over most columns, to read the long phrases, is frustrating & time consuming. expandable columns would be good. costs so much! very broke! levelling takes so long! buying partial mats at the mercy of broker is bad, always has been bad, mainly because mob drops are so rare.
  7. Lightspeed Ironfang stats

    the enemy wont see you coming at them in that....bouncy panda on parade...you just asking to get killed
  8. my game experience

    type 'o' for system menu [ o ] options window, game options , interface , CLICK ON 'display low level quests' apply , ok , CLOSE options window. ALSO, F10 is very helpful
  9. remove suggestion box and report a bug forums

    get a name. if you dont like it, leave.
  10. keyword search

    this forums needs a keyword search,475 posts of suggestions and i dont know if its already suggested because i will not be reading 475 posts to find out