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  1. Well, patch notes show SW has been nerfed again while vandal/glad, etc have all got buffed, any SW's should consider rerolling any other class because good luck doing anything with SW now, Just delete SW and be done with it
  2. Well, I don't expect any compensation, tho not having the option to do EC for the last few months was not mine nor other players fault, I don't exactly PVP if I can help it, but myself and others did not have the option to do EC so I think it is only fair all (Apart from the ones caught out and was given a slap on the wrist and got nothing they exploited taken from them) should get compensation, I was also prestige and have been since so IDK where the logic is, anyway I hope all get what they deserve. Kind Regards
  3. Yep all my cubics have gone to, this better be a mistake or bug, I hope there will be an emergency maintenance to fix this~
  4. Delete vandals please game-breaking, while your at it, make separate channels for PVE/PVP, that would be a nice change
  5. Yey 7.0 also comes with (In my case) 75% more Sendlogs & a missing .dll file error everytime I launch client
  6. Anymore salt to rub into the already festering wound of disappointment??
  7. Hello I know this has nothing to do with GST or anything, but I few more way/means to obtain Fighting Fragments would also be a great help for those trying gear up in PVP, morphing stones & Purifying gear is very hard when the only way to get them is to do 1 weekly prestige quest & breaking crafted PVP gears for them, I my self find it very hard to farm mats to make gear with very low grade PVP gear to defend against heavly geared opposition ty kind regards <3
  8. I retract my comment about this weekly maintenance, this Shugo Emperor's Vault event has some awesome rewards, but there is no way one can achieve the 2K coins needed for the selective legendary transformation contract without buying at leased 9,600 BCM coins for 60 odd Shugo Emperor's vault reset scrolls, at average of 20-35 coins per run (Even with S rank) you would still barely make enough to make 2K coins by the time the event ends, I see this as a P2W (Full Stop) I thought this would be a good time for my self & others to finally get a decent transformation, but i see only those that
  9. This is the first real maintenance I have been excited to see for a long time <3 Thank you Cyan> Also my main characters colour <3
  10. Thank you for the honest replies so far :-) Sounds like some people take these forums a little to seriously, why some (from the looks of it) take offence to something so small as someone else's opinion? If you don't like what the post says?!? don't respond to it, If you do have something to say please do so, but please don't get butt hurt over what you cannot agree with. 1. I was referring to starting players that may struggle to get anywhere before giving up (Not good reassurance for new comers) 2. Yes compensation gear (in my opinion) was fair of NC to do for those vetera
  11. Hello all Thought I would open a trolls paradise & ask opinions about the 6.2 update & how PVP is to them 1. Is it fair as a starting player having to face opposition that have god like gear? 2. Is it fair to say only those before 6.2 update with a lot of money to spend become instant gods with the gear exchange NC implemented? 3. Is it fair that now Aion has become a pathetic in regards to how impossible it is sometimes to do the simplest things without being slaughtered by a hole group/alliance of opposition that call you rubbish for not having thousands of $$$ to
  12. Furthermore, Cyan and Hime are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect regardless That really frustrates me, arent all who play aion/ work for NCsoft human beings? yet you defend this Cyan & Hime like if you don't, the NC boogie man will nyerk you in the night, WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS, so how about all you Nyerking idiots take this invigorating advice Vantheria-DN has given us & start treating all (Including the OP) the proper god dam respect. Kind regards
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