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  1. Petition?

    Aion KR is a great game and how Aion NA should be. I do agree that NA will die at some point based on the feedback and how clueless the dev team is. Watching the 6.2 stream was sad when the devs have zero clue how to even play the game.
  2. FM Guards?

    No, they added pathing guards now on the road right next to it. Those were not there yesterday.
  3. List of Issues for 6.2

    I'm sorry but you are wrong on this one. The game is altered by NCwest to what they want. It doesn't matter if we are an afterthought the game is being directed by a horrible team that has zero clue what their player base wants. KR has made leaps and strides to give Aion to the players and they are doing an amazing job. People are tired of being nice because this continues to happen. Why didn't they offer a beta or something to test? Why didn't they see how bad in KR 6.2 was? Why even give us 6.2 if seeing that? So many stupid choices. I don't blame Cyan either I blame their bosses. They are the ones that drive the game and it tells one of two stories. Either they are literally trying to just close the game because you can't even pay money to catch up or they honestly just don't get the player base. Give us KR, gives all the things that come with it. If Gameforge can make adjustments that fast to Kinah and different things why is NCwest so far behind?
  4. I have promoted 6+ items.... Idk, I do not think it is hard. Super RNG? Of course but AIon has always been that way. 6.5 and up will fix that. I have played 7.0 and people with the new painter class already have like 60% or more in legendary gear. The biggest difference is how NCwest does this game versus the rest. I wish we had KR as it was... cause it is amazing and fair.
  5. FM Guards?

    Can someone tell me why they added guards to FM? Like really? These were great battlegrounds? Did all the PvE people complain so much that this was really needed? This game is PvP, get friends and come kill each out if you can't get in. Pretty dumb NC.
  6. List of Issues for 6.2

    What I do not get, and I still do not get is why can't we have Aion KR as it is? Why all the changes? Aion KR is fair, you can get stuff in the game but you can also drop some cash which no matter how many people complain on the forums about P2W money makes the game stay so those who pay thank you. I have been playing KR and the painter class came out what, 3-4 weeks ago? The person I saw already has 60% of their gear purple and an ultimate weapon.... like that is what want NC, we want to give months or so time and be on par with people. I do not think that is difficult and I am not sure why you guys are not in line with KR. I get translation but you are turning the game into something so different. Even for the all the stuff Gamefordge does they still make faster progress than you. Are the contracts different? What is the legal obligation that you can't get around? You guys are dropping studios and players fast and I would be curious to see how KR takes the loss of revenue. Or Maybe NC will shut down all together who knows. What I do know is, your team should highly consider not altering the game from KR cause honestly, KR is great right now. Just my two cents, some will agree some won't. I know though more and more of my friends/ legion are not logging in bar doing their daily chores. Enchantment rates are simple math and changing that coding honestly can't take this long. And if you want to refer to feedback, you have had it for quite some time and are now only acting on it now. Please tell your dev team to actually play this sh*t that is 6.2 for NA and tell us how much fun they have as a new player. Rant over.
  7. Housing

    Dude, get off his back holy heck man. You people act like this game owes you something. That they are required to bend to your needs. Guess what, don't like it? Quit, no one is forcing you to play Aion. No one is forcing any of you to play. Cyan has stated he will provide info when he can. The specifics of this game and the communication from the dev team has been pretty much the same for a long time. If you can't accept that then that is your own problem. Patches go south, stuff doesn't always work out. He has literally said they are going to push to make it better. Did he say he wouldn't? Did he say F off all of you we don't care? No, he said they would try. Try, going outside for a bit and get some sun or a new perspective on life because coming here telling people what they should be doing is pretty funny.
  8. Scheduled Game Update - January 10, 2018

    I'm waiting patch notes, please.