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  1. You gain full stuff from Quests after Siel's Aura has expired, except AP: "NC Launcher 2" should auto-update to latest version
  2. N3tRunn3r


    12-slot storage as described within the FAQ
  3. I could exactly tell the same about your "Haiti" story... It is ridiculous. Goodbye!
  4. Hey there, these sort of problems could happen by a wrong engine setting. Within the options change the Engine setting to "default". But since we aint be able to enter the options yet, we need to wait. It also just happens on the character creation screen. Later after your character creation you can switch to the updated engine setting again.
  5. Come to Germany, we have also these sort of "human" here who suffer and who could need your help and who cant even afford a cellphone. Maybe my parents, maybe my father, maybe my mother, maybe their partents come from such "3rd World Countries". Maybe I own half-siblings from Central Africa. Maybe I lived anywhere there in where we had to boil up water to take a bath and to drink water and to be able to cook. Maybe I just made some vacations there and gained experiance. It could also be that my father is the last Aryan in our bloodline. We will never know...
  6. No problem, I like to help. There always exist exceptions and villages, nomads and natives. Maybe by purpose controlled by world politics. Those dont have clean water but a cellphone. But this is an other topic. What is racist about that? Especially if Wikipedia and other websites clarify this issue. You just wanna protect your arrogance and ignorance bullshit on page 12, Mr or Mrs "Goodguy".
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_World https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_World#/media/File:Cold_War_alliances_mid-1975.svg Yeah, you are right, ..not! Stay brainwashed and watch more TV...
  8. If you guys own one or more smartphones and are even eligible and able to pay for your ISP to use the internet in general... what does this cost? Well, so you can easily afford ("extra") $15 a month to play on the Aion Classic servers without restrictions, I guess. Even in 3rd world countries, EVERYONE there has at least a smartphone and an internet/mobile connection. We don't live within the 90's anymore where ISDN was slow & expensive to use. 20 years ago $15 seemed "expensive", but today... money aint worth shit nowadays. $15/Month is nothing! It is worth like 5 cups of c
  9. Even while you have a positive balance on your PP Account?
  10. If you own a PayPal Account, simply transfer some money from your bank account to PayPal via PayPal Menu. Then you are able to buy one of the Founder Packs. No Debit/Credit Card needed and involved.
  11. I would see it as an "enhancement" if we gonna see the revamped edition in Classic 1.x / 2.x ... and not a game changer at all.
  12. Is the NCLauncher2 updated to version 2.2.0 .651?
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