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  1. @Jake What's Your View On 6.0

    Bingo bongo Unfortunately this game may not be profitable without giving the whales something to drop big $$ on, so I expect it to continue to spiral. It all seems great but when you push the game to be more PvP centric but when PvP basically becomes "I have a better xform than you do", no one will bother to care about this game (just like now). Oh well.
  2. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    Korean streamers are claiming leveling is easy in 6.0. Not sure if there are any real sources to back that up yet though.
  3. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    I can see it now gents. The glory days of 55-era Aion again.
  4. This bug has been around since 2.0 came out. I guess one could argue that once a bug is >7 years old you can consider it a mechanic rather than a bug, lol. Even bosses like Bollvig can be soloed by Rangers/Sorcs/Gunners using this. And yes, this is crazy XP for ranged DPS classes.
  5. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Gear ceiling in OSRS is much lower than you think. BiS gear in OSRS is only a little bit better than very easily attainable gear (think fighter torso vs BCP). I agree there are exceptions like the twisted bow though. To equate this back to Aion, imagine if all lvl41+ gear in OSRS was literally 1000x more expensive than it is now. Imagine playing that game. The economy was annoying to use at times, yes, but very stable. In terms of RWT, at no point was there a dramatic spike in GP per real dollar for example. It was very steady. NCSoft licensed its product over to Gameforge for EU. I am sure that contract gave Gameforge the ability to customize the game more for their region without the need for NC Korea's approval. To answer your question, no, NCWest is indeed not capable of implementing their own minor changes without NC Korea's approval. If you think I'm lying, there's a reason why this game is 99.99999% identical to Korea's version. Even if NCWest was too lazy to do any level of customization, it would of at least accidentally happened to some degree by now. Your complaint at its' core is that, unlike OSRS, if you spend an hour or two playing Aion after work, when you log off you don't feel like your character is any stronger and you didn't necessarily have any fun. I understand, and it's true.
  6. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    It's a completely different monetization scheme over there. If it rained gear here in NA, BCM sales would plummet and so would profits. It's too late for NA. Once you go F2P (and do it wrong), you can't go back. This is an interesting video series that many people here may find interesting:
  7. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Not that it's really relevant to this thread but there are some Western non-Koreans who play KAION. Even if you figure it out you're going to have 300-400ms ping and have a really hard time without speaking Korean. I was just taking about a quick jab to translation times. Another really non-fun thing about NA Aion is that by the time we get a patch we already know exactly what everything is and what to do because the Koreans had it for 6 months already. There's no exploration, there's no learning boss mechanics.
  8. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    I've said this since launch and it's been a year or two so I'll say it again: Unless you speak Korean and post this over there, you're talking to a brick wall. NCWest has absolutely no control over this game. They control the events, that's really it. We get exactly what Korea gets. Fun fact, you can pretend you're playing 6 months in the future by getting a Korean proxy and playing over there. I actually applaud NCWest a little bit, they see these complaints and try to implement some band-aids in the only fashion they're allowed to do. (Omegas and Temperings from event instances) Anyway it was interesting to bring up OS Runescape. I think the popularity of that game comes from: Simple mechanics Clear, linear character progression Stable economy Aion has none of that. The game is way too complicated, people are told to do X and Y from their peers but they don't understand why or don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Market inflation is insane. Gear ceiling is way too high. Imagine you are a new player at the moment. You get +10 lvl50 gear to start off with. You kill everything in 1 hit. After mashing buttons for a few hours, you're probably getting bored, wondering why the game is so easy. You don't understand your own skills at all because you don't need to. Let's say for some stupid reason you stick it out and hit 66. You are thrown into these instances that are way too hard for you even mechanically, then on top of that you're undergeared. Everyone around you has played the game for 10 years and are literally ten times stronger than you. You're thinking to yourself that you need to invest 10,000 hours to catch up to everyone else simply in terms of understanding the game, PLUS gearing. It's not worth it. There are better games out there. Image you played back in the day and fire the game up again. Your level65 gear is basically useless. Gear ceiling is insane and you'd have to invest tons of money to be even near the top again. Then you ask yourself, why bother to be at the top? The competitiveness to this game is completely gone. PvP is nothing more than a pissing contest between who gave NCSoft more money. Who wants to play that? Aion can't get new players or even attract back old players. Honestly, this game was barely competitive back when it was P2P. Think about 2.7; PvP was still largely RNG based exclusively due to godstones, people cheated every PvE instance (stormwing loci, bugging every single boss in both Udases, remember the Padmarashka bug? In what other MMO can you abuse an exploit like that and not get banned?), and 6v6 wasn't even that great because we had (and still have, lol) no ranking/ELO system for dredg. What WAS good about 2.7 was the gear progression was simple. You get your Arena set, then GBG. You put green manastones in your gear. You enchant your weapon to 10. Even the people who played 15 hours a day had green manastones and a max enchant of 15. You could compete with them with basic arena gear if you had the game knowledge to play your cards right. 1-54 content wasn't nerfed to hell so you actually understood your class to some extent when you hit 55. You could run Udas & BTNM until you were comfortable enough to run BTHM. Anyway Aion is on a slow burn and will slowly burn for the next few years until it's eventual shutdown. It's too much work to fix this game. You basically have to start from scratch. NCSoft is a business, and Aion is not making them much money. Their earnings reports make this loud and clear. From a shareholder's perspective, I'd like to see money put into R&D for a new game, milk the whales in Aion until it's all dried up and use that money to just try again. That's the best ROI for me. Anyway this thread is useless like all other suggestion threads because the closest person who can make any real changes to this game is literally 10,000 miles away for most of us and probably doesn't speak much English. Icing on the cake is that they don't care about non-Koreans. We're too small of a market for them to, and I don't blame them.
  9. Does anyone play on Linux?

    Yes. See: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=34020