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  1. will wtfast still work with this?
  2. anyone knows if we are getting one soon just asking
  3. i for one am not for something like this as it can create another gap between new players casuals and vets. stigmas on the broker are starting to raise in prices not good just saying last thing we need is another event to encourage people to spend money... but wait then again that would be good for ncwest to rake in some extra cash so ehh
  4. Umm... ok is the forums always like this? Cause this is an interesting post.
  5. My question is how will this affect na and eu because we wont be getting the patch until a few months after... will people still buy ncoin and spend real money on temperings and omegas knowing they will be removed soon. Just wondering if this will affect cash shop sales of both regions.
  6. This makes me want to play the game again .... sounds too good to be true tho.
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