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  1. this event is the total brain-fck
  2. very good rewards for all faction is: Spirit Stone of Eternity (x5) , Revival Stone, Essence Core, Saam King's Herbs But here is the problem: 99% players from Brasil don't understand what to do. Same problem was with "Candy Blast" event ... We need more simple events
  3. yeah. u wanna harvester weap/accs/gear/wings + major fel + omega then Royal Guard Captain weap/accs/gear/wings + major fel + omega + tempering + free +10 plume/bracelet thats all
  4. hey man .. here a lot +7 cheap manastones on the broker. U know what is Aetherforging? How can i levelup aetherforging if 1000 noobs put +7 manastones on the broker?
  5. lol. players now wanna major felicitous socketings/minion contracts/tempering/omega everytime when they login? i think its was too many events past months! players only sitting and waiting for next events and large reward list .. but this ruining economy bcoz players don't have kinah now
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