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  1. Chanter Healers

    sweet thank you so much guys sounds like ill be able to keep clerics on their toes again lol now I just need a group that's willing to help me get gear
  2. Chanter Healers

    one more question how do I get daevanion skills?
  3. Chanter Healers

    so mana stones are the only way to get Heal Boost on armor and hats?
  4. Chanter Healers

    thanks for the info guys I really do appreciate it I keep trying to tell people im support build but every one keeps telling me I cant support this patch or chanters cant support anymore but thankfully do to my keyboard setup ive always been able to compete with clerics do to my reaction time and group member swapping only taking less then 1 sec though I sacrifice the use of my mouse to be able to do so to me targeting group members as fast as possible and the reaction time between skills was more important to me and I got both down to less then a second do to keybinds and now with your guys info sounds like ill have a reliable AOE heal now so I will be even more effective and I do go for heal boost PVE gear but clerics don't like competeing for there gear lol thanks again for the info I will put it to good use I was afraid I would have to Reroll
  5. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    man this once amazing game just keeps snow balling down hill eventually it will die completely and no one will be left to play remove GP from the game and make AP great again
  6. Chanter Healers

    in short I want to know why the devs would destroy this amazing classes healing abilitys
  7. for the record with a good set up pre 6.0 I was a full heal chanter and whent for full heal boost gear and was able to compete with clerics even though chanters are single target healers my ability to compete relied on 2 things Recovery spell and my ability to swap party members simultaneously with out the use of my mouse and swapping group member became easier it takes me about 1 second to switch and pop a heal I can actually switch group members faster then most clerics can
  8. Chanter Healers

    so im a returning player and my main character is a healing chanter back in the day I would even compete with clerics the only difference between me and the clerics was that chanters are single target healers so you really have to be on your game in being able to switch party memebers simultaneously and im able to do that it takes me about 1 sec for me to go from one party member to the next and one of my most important heals to be an effective healer is Recovery Spell and now I hear the devs have removed the spells ability to be effected by Heal Boost that's another thing as a Healing Chanter I use HB gear just like a cleric but now it seems the devs don't want the chanter to even be support healers like we are ment to be are the devs trying to force all chanters in to being full DPS or are they trying to destroy chanters all together? why are the devs trying to destroy chanter healers? we need recovery spell its a must have
  9. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    i thought we where getting both the new heals i didnt think we would have to choose between them and i didnt think they would replace any of our current heals then again we dont really know and wont until the patch but heres to hoping we just get 2 new heals and not have to choose or replace any current heals Recovery spell and Healing burst are vital in being a healing based chanter and while not allot of us main a healing chanter healing chanters are seriously under rated you have no idea how good a full heal build chanter is i can main heal AOE with a little support but even clerics get support here and there
  10. Aion 6.0 - New Chanter Skills

    because clerics and other classes dont want chanters to heal and im pretty much going to say look what i can do like it not oh you dont like it tough cookies most people wont even take me because im a chanter and not a cleric even though im just as capable at healing
  11. PVP changes i would like to see

    its not a matter of me wanting to do DPS its a matter of the fact that im a full support chanter and people ask me to DPS no one wants me to heal and even if i did want to DPS with strong Heals a full HB cleric will still do twice the damage as a full HB chanter because chanters dont benefit from MB its a matter of being fair why shouldnt chanters get their own HB sets why should we be stuck using cleric gear especially when the gear says cleric only thats another thing why should we carry around multiple sets of gear why cant we get 2 sets 1 for DPS build and one for heal build for build for all 3 of the classes songweaver cleric and chanter seriously who wants to carry around more then 2 sets of gear personally i dont want to carry around more then the one im using pic a build and get the gear for that build if thats the build your going to play with
  12. these are some changes i think would help both clerics and chanters in pvp if anything is already in the game please let me know 1 i would love to see more Heal Boost pvp sets for both clerics and support chanters along with cast speed gear for both classes healing is a must in pvp to not just pve 2 make chanter specific Heal boost gear at the moment all heal boost gear has magic boost which dosnt help chanters at all even our heals the least you can do is make Heal Boost gear with PHysical damage boost so support chanters in both pvp and pve do more damage we already sacrifice damage for heal boost even more so when the gear we have has Magic Boost the least you can do is make chain HB gear with physical damage or make it so even chanter heals are effected by magic boost we are sacrificing literally 95% of our damage for survivability and as much as no one wants to admit it even chanter heals are actually spells so for our heals to be effected by magic boost actually makes since but Because all Heal Boost gear also has magic boost on it a full support cleric will actually do twice the damage then a full Support chanter
  13. Aion 6.0 - New Chanter Skills

    im just really looking forward to the chanter new heal skills clerics are going to be so mad at me lol i hear one of the new heals for chanters is an AOE heal over time and pops for over 3K every 2 seconds for 10 sec that alone will help me to better compete with clerics and knock them off their high horse and with a 10 sec CD to boot i might have to come up with a happy dance lol
  14. How to fix Battle Grounds

    give a time limite to how long you can AFK in BGs before you are kicked out
  15. Enchanting System

    I'm actually a chanter but I'm full support withat said my DPS is already gimped and being support I do go for cleric gear for HB which also has MB which further gimps my DPS because chanters are melee not magic