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  1. Omg, this is what we have been talking about! *_* I will go ahead and try some lucky on transformation scrolls! haha
  2. I truly appreciate the post @What and I believe this type of thread add value to Ncwest and players ourselves. @CyanWe want to play your game, we enjoy it, however, as a customer it doesn't feel like Ncwest want us to continue playing. In my view, the main issue to be addressed is the lack or no clear communication from Ncwest side - We may understand the issues and difficulties in managing/developing the Korean game in our Region - However, What can we do about it? What is being done to improve? Etc.
  3. Holy Lyv, to get on your level!? That was offensive as fk, haha. I'd rather skip this shit level, where only greedy as fkers stay! I have priorities to deal in real life, so unfortunately I can't be there for every siege... even tough, when I'm there, it is so easy to double the DPS of your husband (The self-nominated as the "BEAST DPS"), poor dude. I'm still waiting to see him on top 10! 300 gp she said... funny! 50+ years old, 10 years of Aion and you guys still the same worthless players / human being!
  4. Try to read the patch notes before you insinuate others are using exploit, not everyone needs to cheat the system to outsmart others. Asmo's not getting Ek fort has nothing to do with the New GP system. you just mad because you are bad laddie!!!
  5. Please, don't leave EK out of this transfers upcoming...the server needs a solution for the current population ASAP!
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