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  1. I'm from England, when they did surveys in the past about changin sieges for other regions I always put I was happy with siege times(bare in mind that was katalam/danaria time), when I was a kid my parents always made me ask for my food in the language of the country we wer in(didn't always work cos many wanted to speak English) but I never expected everyone to change to suit me, the sieges on NA Aion should always be scheduled for NA timezones, ya want sieges at a diff time, play on a diff regions server I can only do the lakrum siege on a Saturday night(midnight my time) and I'm
  2. Kinah us insane now, changing specs kills me, I'm so low on kinah now that earlier this week I removed chain of suffering to dual servant my cleric, had to grind mobs to get enough kinah to socket my healing servant For the pandora quests I had to run mirash just to sell the crap from the chest to buy the pandora scrolls, really glad I spent a lot of time mastering all crafts(barring wep smithing) cos that was my money maker, and afk crafting scrolls/jellies, now have to grind mobs just to get xform potions, really handy popping one item for heal boost, casting speed and run speed when I'
  3. Nailed it with the xform stuff, I've a lot of old skins ya can't get anymore, my fave is the reskinable porgus one, even got a macro to shout for asmos and Ely "help I'm being chased, save my bacon" it's worthless when I look like I'm being chased by pokemon-go addicts I paid for the skins, I'm not gonna pay to be able so see them...
  4. bottom right of the message window "insert other media"
  5. dont worry, even if i dont get home safe ill still not heal you in game ^^ (may have to heal you once just for the shock effect )
  6. gonna be Frank N Furter myself, the heels are gonna kill me, lucky ive a couple o mates taller than me gonna be either side to stop me faceplanting the pavement between resting on bars
  7. Shame they didn't keep some of the old maps and just used em for housing ?
  8. ah i was worried that the old gear HAD to be traded for the new stuff cos ya old stuff was unusable, so glad i can keep the skin cos BACON omnom
  9. im stil using <Enraged Hyperion's Cleric Handguards> (full set) as my HP healing set, im not too bothered about the gear but the skin is the reskinable porgus skin(cant get the reskinable one and i paid irl money for it), will i still be able to use the gear until i reskin it onto something else or should i skin it onto a white set to be able to keep it in the next patch?
  10. yah. i just thought the whole thing was goin poof and id be left with loads o coins nifty ty, glad its remaining kinda
  11. i prolly missed the thing about it(deffo did cos only found out it was ending when i got express mails with <Prestige Pack Loyalty Reward – 24 Months> , so when it ends what do i do with my prestige coins that i have left and is ther some kinda replacement?
  12. It's in the same chest as the clerics cast speed staff
  13. usin the theory i the reply you got, shouldnt all relics be removed unless you loot them from an opposing faction player? cos last time i checked they drop from mobs/chests and that seems rather PvE
  14. i love that this event NYERKED up cos i updated game whilst i was at work, was sat in the pub when i saw it had gone OOPS, i had planned on goin home after my 5th pint and decided to stay out, got hammered and sex happened, better reward than Aion gives
  15. the shield cast thing, seems shockingly like the asmo cleric skill that created a shield/ely version that was an HoT that hit anyone ungrouped, i miss that skill but did hate it hitting peeps i had blocked lol
  16. i suggested this kinda thing on the old forums, love the idea, i love pvp but also love the idea of a bounty system, as in a bounty on ya head so ya can see how irritating you are in the game and so peeps that dont want pvp can just put a bounty on someones head, shocked aion has never implemented something like this before, would be a giggle, spesh as in 4.5 i had a chap raging at me a lot on his ely alt and id have loved him to pop one on me, im a derp irl and in game but if someone asks for no pvp ill just leave em to it, i want peeps to enjoy aion as much as i do so dont wanna ruin the gam
  17. don't you mean "weak processing skills" *scampers off giggling*
  18. and what compensation are players with prestige packs getting for the loss of the daily quests?
  19. ffs wer paying the prestige monthly sub, getting less and less value for it, get the fkn daily pvp quests working again, the daily pvp and the run speed title are the only thing i keep prestige for, you forced the PvE instance PoS package on us that we used to be able to sell i(and a few peeps i know) never use, get your shit together ffs i sent in a ticket yesterday, no reply, way to lose customers AGAIN three tickets in three days, two about prestige one about the invasion, GET A MASTER SERVER AND TEST YOUR SHIT BEFORE IMPOSING IT ON US!
  20. prestige quests gone from shugorobo, no prestige pvp daily, all others gone too... shugodroid still offers two quests(prestige badge/new look) that i never did
  21. why not just delete the map then? kinda glad ther no event cos i booked this week off and its nice to not have commitments
  22. They should remake the reskinnable one, so happy I still have the reskinnable version of that cos I've macros in Ely and asmo shouting Help I'm being chased, save my bacon! And a piggie emot ?
  23. Can't stress how much I miss Kara/Samaria maps, was a PvP funzone and so refreshing after tiafailhamsterwheelpatch I'd solo PvP more again if I hadn't taken a year out after breaking all my gear, one thing I hate about being a cleric and solo pvping is when ransoms add me to their group(I tend not to accept) and they seem to think that as soon as I'm grouped my stigmas change to heal spec /facepalm The newish maps do nothing to promote solo PvP which is a shame cos I do like to take a break to pour another drink and that's not always possible when grouped cos when I say "gimme a sec,
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