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  1. I bought account items with NC coins ages ago IE - My alert monkey pet ect and i can't remember or figure out where on the website i can find the list of items i have bought with real cash that i can send to my characters In game. Can anyone help direct me in the right path? xP
  2. Heya! thanks for the quick reply!! our friends live in the EU is it possible for them to play on our NA server???!!! I'm assuming if they wanna play on our NA server with us they'd have to create a new account via the NCSoft website and redownload aion through that??? :O!
  3. Just need to clear something up! OOOOOOOOOOLLLD player returning and i have a few freinds mixed from EU and NA - we're old guildies that stuck together and jumped to another game and now we're back on aion! Yay us! BUT out EU freinds can only see the EU servers and not the NA. Is there any way for EU players to log into NA servers/Create characters on a NA server? danaria is the server we want to all play on. Thanks in advance for your help! ^^
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