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  1. Since the last update, pressing the print screen key alone on other programs while Aion is running does nothing. I have to now press shift and print screen for the key to register on other programs. I'm assuming this is probably caused by the fix they did for the issue related to the key last week. Fixing something on Aion shouldn't be causing me to needing to go through extra steps to screenshot stuff in other programs. Please fix this.
  2. What complaints about threads being deleted? I see none of that. You keep saying we're naive and blinded and people lie but here's the thing, NCSOFT HAS LIED MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE PAST AND HAS SHOWN TO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Heck even the most recent daeva pass, the fact they weren't willing to provide refunds to those that wanted it from them changing up the rewards after the fact is unexcusable but instead of holding them accountable you're trying to let them get a pass because you think the people are lying. Honestly, yes I would believe the people more because it took so long for NCSoft
  3. Where? Where did they say that? The only thing I read was they claimed the bans were justified because users were making the reports. No guarantee if that part was even true or if those reports were accurate (as they were sending that to everyone as a pre-written script). Also you're making false analogies. One, the exploit was even directly responded and was left on the forums so if they really wanted to hide it, maybe leaving it on here isn't the way to go https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/9211-kinah-exploit-2-and-noone-cares/?tab=comments#comment-95944 Second, what gain is there
  4. What the? What have you been reading? Cause the thing I saw play out these last few weeks was people getting banned not knowing why they were even banned and then the people working together to identify the most likely reason was Steel Rake. NCSoft wouldn't even admit this much to them early on and were attempting to shut off all subsequent communication with those people. It's only at that point after more noise was made that NCSoft finally confirmed that yes it was related to Steel Rake. I don't know how you could attribute all that to people not even trying to figure out why they were banne
  5. How hard is it to prove you got things right? If I understood the exploit right, people were able to make fast kinah through the exploit. It shouldn't be that hard to pull up how much kinah the people you banned obtained or how many times they had opened the box in a day (especially if people are getting unbanned since if I was a GM that would be my priority concern if they were to get unbanned since you would want to revoke that gain). Just pull it up and shove it in our faces to prove that you had the right bans and use that as your reasoning for the bans when people contacting supporting. F
  6. Oh yeah want to add one more thing. I find it laughable that NCSoft has at this point shown they are willing to go further to defend botters (claiming they're just multiboxing) than they have legit players. You want to see this game die even faster? This will be it. The irony isn't going to be that the game died from other stuff that didn't exist in the past (like candies and the daeva pass) and such but instead by something that did (a common quest completion method we all used in the past).
  7. This response is beyond pathetic. For once, could you pretend you at least play the game cause it's quite clear no one at the company does and instead of admitting not knowing the bug people were reporting on, you're doubling down on a mistake. As a long time veteran that has played since beta, I'm lucky I haven't started doing Steel Rake or I would have gotten banned over something that players did back then and does till this day. If this is the direction you are going to take then unfortunately I'm probably not going to continue my support for this game as who knows when something like this
  8. Actually we do know because it was the first thing they announced in the video at the 33 second mark. Here's a video with subs Really love the music. I keep replaying it just for the music. Speaking of, the official teaser site has a piano version of the Tower of Eternity. Here's a direct link to the mp3: http://vodfile.ncsoft.co.kr/ncvod/plaync/Aion/The_Tower_Of_Eternity_Piano_Audio.mp3
  9. I don't get why previously used server names is off the table if a lot of people like those names. What happened to being more open and listening to your player's feedback? I understand trying to steer away from names that lean more towards a faction to try and discourage someone from picking a server due to the names themselves might be pushing for a faction but I don't think any new or old players have a problem with an old name. For the new players it's just a name reference. For the old players there's history to them. Just my 2 cents. Anyways, while I honestly would have preferr
  10. I'm going to miss having my character's image as my avatar What happened to trying to migrate the old forums anyways? I thought the purpose of turning off images was so you guys can migrate the data? Guessing it turned out harder than expected? Are emoticons showing up as errors for anyone else? Trying to access the URLs for them also throw an error for access denied.
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