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  1. On 7/28/2021 at 11:53 AM, Falcy-DN said:

    No. Absolutely not. Do not under any circumstances give any special treatment to Katalam. They don't deserve to keep their character names or their housing. If Danaria is getting reset, reset Katalam as well. There's no excuse for that bullocks. 

    Wow its like Aion and NCsoft staff are devoid of logic. 

  2. First, this event was good idea in theory.

    Second, WOW did it get fubar asap!

    Solution: this and all event going forward need to be a token base system, a set amount of tokens are received and use them how you wish, once you have grinded the required items, and mobs.  

    This is nothing more than a continuation of a previous problem, the complete and utter failure to ban hackers. There is plenty of software at the players disposable to find out who among our ranks cheat, using the very same piece of coding y'all could not only determine who is using Vanilla tools and then get rid of them permanently. The failure to act on this in the past is the reason the player base is being bamboozled now!

  3. Take this from one of your best customers:

    1. Y'all do not know what you are doing with the store, items stripped we use to have access to and now released like it the first time. Stupidity level 10

    Solution do your job and give a true Korea store. 

    2. Discounting individual items, Stupidity level over 9000

    Solution: Discount coin,  Buy 8,000 get 10,000 

    3. This event is horrible. Prices are more screwy then TIA Event (Which y'all dropped a nuclear bomb on) Stupidity level Unknowable So high there is no number for it. 

    Solution: STOP CHANGING PRICES! LET KOREA DEVS HANDLE IT ALL< STOP REQUESTING CHANGES>, you don't know what the heck y'all are doing to this game. 

    4. The gear grind only matters to people that are not already in Ultimate. Since I am, in full ultimate pvp and pve, I am fine, others are not. 

    Solution: You can tackle this two way, First Stones become a standard mob drop, the rate of success is garbage so it isn't like that will  hurt anything. 

    Or you can Fix item 1, and MAKE A STORE worth spending money in.

    5. IF this was all done on purpose my only conclusion is y'all are trying to kill this game, either by pure ignorance of the actual game we are playing, or poor management decisions. 

    Solution: Poll us more, ask us more questions, forums etc. Or continue doing what you have been doing and well y'all will be searching for new employment. 


    Now General thoughts and concerns. 'all 

    Y'all have created yet another time sink, this one was much worse then anyone before it, Y'all have release a statement that event will be limited do the content. WHAT CONTENT I CAN SOLO ALMOST ALL OF IT! Seriously wake up before your player base quits. 

    Y'all really need to focus on the state of the game, how and why we play this game, and what will keep us playing. Learning what will make us spend money is probably a good plan for the longevity of the game! Also let me clue you ostriches into the world above the sand. The simple fact is there is nothing worth buying on the store, not even Keys for the lock boxes, since the 150 dollars spend on junk, will only net you enough coins to buy one minion, and that minion sells for 500m-1bil, DO THE MATH, have some very basic exercises in house to conduct even the basic understanding of what drives a person to play a game, IT IS REWARDS DUH. I have already stopped playing non siege days to play minecraft, if the state of the game doesn't improve your are looking at the very close sunset of NA Aion. 

    My conclusion is that y'all are destroying the game, store, and community, due to mismanagement, and carelessness. The facts are simple to understand, the affects are instantly seen. This isn't a threat either this time, which is why I choose a public forum instead of bugging y'all in petitions. There is no threat of no more money for y'all, its just simple there isn't anything of value to obtain from the store, short of the transformation scroll, once I obtained Sheba the worth to continue  disappeared. Y'all need to wake up now, before it is too late. 


  4. 3 hours ago, PokeALot-DN said:

    and yet here you are still complaining about an event. seeing all the people who keep complaining, nc has truely spoiled the lot of us making us cry for not being able to receive good items easily lmao. 

    Which GM are you friends with? lol THEY HAVEN'T SPOILED US, they pitied us,  you are simple to please I have some land on the moon for sale, interested? 100$ an Acre, 10 million acres. You taking the time to white knight the people that are actively ignoring us, and deciding that their new prices were good, even after they were told the event was "WORKING AS INTENDED" then super complain mode, ok fine! KOREA buckles!

    SO could we get an update, on who get's fired, due to loss of income? Would love to know who and when. 

  5. Incompetence factor : over 9000

    Chances of winning me back: Slim to NONE

    Lol, this is how y'all save face? This is what you consider doing your job? This is a travesty at the highest level.

    The buff event is the worse thing since a GM log on Azphel, pointed at sulfur and made it vulnerable in answer to our complaints, about 30 minute inner fort timers!



  6. 34 minutes ago, Maleficent-DN said:

    @Cyan I understand this is the first run of the event. How ever it is not fair to punish a player base, on a mistake NCsoft made.  Please understand, Some people spent countless hours in the eye. Day and Night grinding , thinking they be able to earn enough coins to catch up or even pure their gear. Others whom work or ect, came on and grinded when they could, we may not have as many coins as the ones your claiming were the reason you made the prices so high. There were other ways to fix this. Limit the amount of items per day you can get and raise the prices slightly, not as high as you guys have done. The survey was very nice to get in game, the 100 coins we all thought were gonna be "helpful" than again we should have knew better.  Do you guys even know how many stones it takes to Get the level 80 gear?. LEt me say it gonna take alor more than those 10 bags form the survey and what ever stones we can get now form the npcs.  I see so many players, Canceling their subscriptions and I agree with you, The cussing and rude way some are handling it wont get them any where, But you have people like @Tyd-KT and @Aly-DN whom maturely spoken properly and, make a very well rounded point. The harvester gear was handed out like candy during Halloween. Some people were working hard doing BOS runs to earn the gear. Now you have people whom ever stepped foot in there or can not complete it rocking a full set.  ALso the Prestige Pack as Aly stated does need to be updated. IT does no longer have iteams we need. When we pay to have special things other ones whom don't. Maybe you can toss in a no soulsickness buff in there make it more worth it? and update the iteams.  But back to the topic at hand. Seeing the amount of players upset. @Hime @Cyan @Gideon please please listen to them, listen to the people whom play this game daily, and been here, I been with Aion form the start, I shrugged a lot off, This is very hard to do so, Beeing this was something I seen that can help returning users and new players, be ready for 6.0 and catch up in the game. I ask of you guys, if your not going to fix the prices, than do something to make the player database happy, You seen the polls, you see the back lash and all the threads. you see the anger and rage, you also see the other ones pleading in a kind manner, ITs not ok to shrug off your costumers or players. Please think about it and do something. Right now your actions will speak louder than words, 

    IT was not a mistake, again the event was suppose to be that way! I Those were the prices that were released in all other region, Korea sent it as it was!  They didn't check anything as usual! Released it with the bare minimum of oversight, then when they realized we were working together to benefit as many as possible, they said wait a minute, we are pleasing everyone, That can't be! So Yoink npc, server shutdown, and then the panic set in, the people running this game, don't play it, have never enchanted anything legitimately, , or played the game in a way that would be considered, even a complete noob! 

    @Cyan  the farming has died, on the asmo side both servers, completely dead, and the only absolutely crazy thing was the fact that the prices for all the items is nuts! The fact it was raised on soul stones, is laughable at best, and the worst decision y'all have ever made!


    THE BUFF EVENT WAS A DUMB IDEA no one has nothing and the broker is empty lol 



    i'd rather burn my money then give it too NC west, after their weak pity buffs, I am certain that y'all are cooked, I know the squealers when i see them, giving us these buffs proved y'all are the squealing type! So damn sad, I feel like a beloved animal passed away!

    THE NPC IN THE GAME UN-CHANGED  if you want my donations, WHICH I KNOW Y"ALL NEED IT WILL BE MISSED, the donation is worth 100 players! or a couple whales I am blue whale, and up until this point was happy supporting the game, and it's community! 

  8. Just now, Avail-DN said:

    I feel at this point after years of this going on from ncwest a lot of these GM's need to be fired. The only thing ncwest has proven is they don't play aion, they don't care about the players and they know how to copy and paste replies in support tickets. I'd love to see GM @Gideon do every instance on stream with random people to experience the gear gap, how time consuming it is to obtain the gear and what a nice send log or client crash and going up against +30 gear and hackers feels like!

    GIVING us that crappy event again does do anything!

  9. 3 minutes ago, Avail-DN said:

    Agreed. It's a slap in the face to realize the GM's don't play aion, have barely any knowledge of Aion, which is why they are out of touch with the community and game they are suppose to be managing. This is probably the time we demand to speak to their boss. Years have gone by with horrible support and abysmal management. 

    Frankly I find it hard to believe at this point that CM or GM Giddy, give a solo hoot about us, or this game! 

    They just proved that to be true!

  10. Are you clueless? OR just flat not looking? The farming stopped, and the game died! 

    THIS EVENT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE IT WAS WHEN IT WAS LAUNCHED Had this confirm in more than one way, and from your on GM's leaking information to friends of friends. 

    The Absolute clueless nature of NC West, is beyond acceptable. IF any other business was ran this way it wouldn't exist! 

    Y'all destroyed the game with your panic, and you won't GET ONE MORE CENT! YOu blew off you head to spite your face! How did that work out! 

    I defended you direct Cyan and Gideon, and all gm's, but you just proved me to be a fool and liar! Y'all don't care at all, and it was just proven!


    I wonder why you didn't listen to KOREA, tell you the event was suppose to be that way?

  11. UPDATE for the Clueless management!@

    Game died!

    Siege: Nope

    Evergale: Barely anyone playing

    The Eye: Good to go completely empty its like its locked out, and Asmo only. AFG writing this absolutely fine!

    Dredge: slow or no po

    OW: Same

    IDl Same

    Leveling alts sure why not, but when searches are done, oh my are we low pop for this kind of EXP Gain, instead of doing something else, people seem to playing something else.

    So which member of the NCwest team ditched their stock, and are looking for a pay and a rebuy when you tank you company, short of this game left over life, NCSOFT will not get me to play their game ever again, and i would rather play a FUNCOM game, and oh my they are bad, but this is way worse.


  12. 15 minutes ago, Jakie-DN said:

    Wrong and strong NcSoft.

    I have had a Prestige Pack subscription uninterrupted since its inception. I have supported you as a company through thick and thin even when I probably should not have, but I can no longer condone your absolute lack of interest in working with your community. This atrocity of a decision to not review your price list after so many valid arguments were presented is absurd. The glaringly obvious lack of game knowledge shown by your staff is inexcusable.

    Prestige Pack cancelled.



    When Jakie and the likes of me cancel our subs, id be worried!  I sub for 17 months when i didnt even play

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