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  1. Yume's lullaby harp

    I see that you have added some of the nightmare circus skins to the BCM but where is the harp! I need it in my life, you can only get it from the nightmare circus, please add it to the BCM thank you!
  2. Aion October Preview

    No, obviously they are not, because as I said theyre nightmare circus specific. Meaning they only come from the nightmare circus. People have different taste in skins, you may not want them but other people will.
  3. Aion October Preview

    ....I was so ready to spend so much money on resets for the nightmare circus specific skins (like the harp and the dress thing) what is going to happen to those, are they gone forever?
  4. Aion October Preview

    What about nightmare circus D:
  5. TM E Illuma invasion boss

    I didn't take a screenshot but I was in the league, my entire alliance except for 1 or 2 people got send logged or DCd