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  1. Sure, if that's what most people think it should be. I love tenacity, but unfortunately I can't see myself being satisfied in an instance that I can only do 3 times a week for 20 minutes of enjoyment. Doing the same instance over and over again also makes for a boring game. My hunch is that most people are like me - who do wish AD is a PvPvE instance. I could be wrong - and if it seems most people feel the way you do, then so be it
  2. Great points. There are clearly a few changes that need to happen. If we keep AD as it is, the trend of killing named mobs and leaving will continue. If our goal is to restore it to a points based PvP instance, we'll at least need to make victory conditions mean something. Putting rewards at the end should be a step towards the goal. Your concern is towards participation. Having victory conditions mean something should also help with that. Named mobs still drop enchantment stones, which is still a source of interest for most people. The question might be whether that is enough to enc
  3. With the new PvP instance changes, Etium should no longer be the bottleneck to get geared. Enchantment stones, manastones, are more limiting for most players. Let's view this through a more constructive lenses that is better for the health of the game.
  4. The experience of AD has degraded into a race to kill 5 mobs and then leaving the instance. This is because one of the most sought out items in the game - Ultimate Etium - is gathered through kiling these special named mobs. This is ruining the AD experience. I suggest we remove Ultimate Etium from the named mobs and add it as a victory reward after completing the instance. That way, AD still serves as an important instance to run, and restores the instance as a PvPvE battleground. @Cyan
  5. This. But honestly there's a brain-dead strategy now. The new rotation is: 1. Soul Freeze (bind + silence) A: If they use healing pot (30s cooldown): 2. CC 3. Soul Freeze again. You don't even need to bury. (this time your enemy has a 10s cd on the healing pot) 4. Burst, they have no defensive CDs since they just got silenced/bound while they were CC'd B: If they don't use healing pot: 2. Do damage, then CC 3. Do the usual bury rotation, soul freeze 4. If they pot out of it, go to A All classes got easier.
  6. I still weave the same way I did back in pre 6.X. Never considered if it's a good or bad thing, how much worse is it compared to skill spam?
  7. Seems like templars will gradually get stronger into 7.0 and 7.2. Our reflect vision skill turns from 1 reflect within 10 seconds to infinite reflects within 3 seconds. That's what I'm excited about in the future.
  8. I called this out back in 2016 and it fell on deaf ears. People on forums mocked me for claiming animation hacks and said it wasn’t possible. The community finally warmed up to the existence of this, but the staff aren’t. The problem is that they don’t have the resources to care about these incidents. If you can’t beat them, join them. If you can beat them, relish in the fact you’re outplaying them with a handicap.
  9. Just to clarify... Kahrun did get their dredg/arenas isolated for at least of couple of months. I think the issue is more on the # of players. I logged into EK a few hours ago and ran a search on the Elyos. Less than 104 players were playing. I'd say low player numbers is the leading reason why EK is not isolated away from old servers.
  10. @Cyan Untradeable equipment that is enchanted to +25 (+10 for accessories) gain a "wrapping charge" that allows it to be wrapped and traded. Could you add equipment wrapping scrolls to the reward list? I'd like to wrap some of my items to take advantage of the 6.0/6.2 equipment trade-in to play another class.
  11. @Cyan I see that executioner caeus is part of the exchange, but it doesn't enchant past +9. Could you clarify trade in results for caeus gear?
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