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  1. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    ??? And where did I say the game should stop being pvpve? PVE in 6.x is the same as it have always been. The problem rn is that the only pve that actually has an impact in your pvp is killing mobs 24/7 like a bot, no sane person enjoys doing that. Who made it this way (and also nerfed it to fight botting :facepalm:)? Not the community for sure. Yea, not like it's their job to make the content enjoyable or anything .
  2. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Thats on the surface, in reality if you pick 100 players you'll see that their progression is wildly different, between cubic/crafts/enchant/transforms/stigmas/daeva skills (and some other rng bss that I'm forgetting rn) there's quit a lot of room for disparity and the game offers little to none in fun ways to bridge those gaps, its all mindless pve or afking. So: Simple, management/development killed it. Not only did they bore the pvp comunity to death with this stupid progression, but they also scraped all the pvp content of the game save for 2 instances that happen 3x a week and the arenas (wich they ruined with the rankings anyway). There's just no way a good pvp would flourish with the game in this state, it's like walking into a parking lot and asking why is there's no forest.
  3. Entitled players?

    I know it isn't, I am just saying that after 2 weeks of a broken game NC comes out of the dark with a p2w event offering a very sought after item trying to fork some of the playerbases money which is a pretty scummy move deserved to be called out. That made no sense, but w/e you say fam.
  4. Entitled players?

    Funny how no matter the nyerk up all it takes is a few premium breadcrumbs for some pleople to turn on the playerbase and fly straight back to NCs shoulders. HOW DARE players be upset that after TWO WEEKS of no gp/ap and all they have to show is a p2w event, not even information about the compensation we are going to get (gee I wonder why... ) And this affects all the players who farmed legendaries too, P2P gets to cheese all the way into their kaisenel xform by reseting the so called 'participation event' endlessly while the everyone else has to be glad to recieve a single ancient that they probably don't even need. Wow such entitlement..... Well its not like you wrote that on your 1st post right?
  5. State of The Game

    << Me whenever I come to the forums to check on the state of the game
  6. EU Cares About His Community

    This x100, all Gameforge cares about is €100 bills just like NCwest, the thing is their business model is very different. Na is f2p and relies on a few cucks willing to overpay for things like instance resets, retunes, transparent scrolls etc etc and will keep doing so no matter how bad things become, EU on the other hand while also relying on this type of player does have a significant revenue stream that comes from "every" player because they all need goldpack to play, so while NA can afford to lose 100 player as long as there isn't a whale among them (wich hardly happens since ppl dumping lots of money in a game are very unlikely to quit), if the same happens to EU GF does lose a bit of money from every single one of them. Wanna see an example of what I'm talking about? Keeping the playerbase only became GFs interest after they lost players in droves during 5.0-6.2, the same happened here in NA and what did ncwest do? Made the game more p2w. Every decision a publisher makes in old games like aion is taken considering their bottom line, till ppl realize that nothing is going to change here on NA.
  7. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    Uh? No hostility here, it's a meme. I'm aware of everything you said but ima just reinstate. Or
  8. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    Soo thats $15 for 4 stones+160frags and some extra entries (wich used to cost $5 and provide waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more entries), that's truly a great deal, the best deal in the history of aion deals, maybe ever. The other offers being worse don't make the prestige worth it.
  9. AION 2 Mobile

    Facebook event, limited starter package, lv10 package, daily roulette...
  10. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    Every sane person: "This server is gonna die in a month" *server dies in a month* EK players:
  11. Ncsoft Mentality

    Nice shoes
  12. Petition?

    We all know whats gonna happen... Save the trouble
  13. New snowball item

    Oh ffs...............
  14. This. Aion makes FAR more money as a f2p than as a sub based game, nc doenst hire more staff/fix things because they simply dont have to. Lets look at the mistaEK server for example: . ~500 players paying the regular $15 for a sub game would bring in $7500 per month, that doesnt sound like much right? Specially when you hear that a single player on the server spent 5k dollars in the past month. These 20 or so kind of players are the ones that the game is trying to please and the rest of the playerbase is just fodder to make them feel acomplished, asking for a sub-based model is just a pipe dream.
  15. Ncwest team.

    Imagine discussing something for 6(+) weeks and having nothing to show... Is this the ncsoft team? (prob not that many) Come on brah this is a game not astrophysics.
  16. Nothing to do basically.

  17. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    Right? "Let's all go to the new server for a fresh start but lemme just drop some quick 2k to make sure I'm still ahead."
  18. Long Awaited Event

    Ofc its gonna be snowball, They deleted 90% of the game but christmas without snowball is too much for ma hart.
  19. Letter to NCSoft

    Meh they ruined pw too 100x more p2w than aion
  20. Lets have a talk friends EK free gear

    Same way they got the gear, duh. Gl with that.
  21. P2W much?

    1 week suspension+warning and sudden vacations incoming