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  1. Out of all the dumb things said in this topic this one takes the cake, congratulations.
  2. Yes. People who ran multiple ECs and were asking to get kicked many times in the same run, and no they are not visiting their grandma in kamboja, they're playing the game like nothing happened.
  3. Most abusers flew way under the ban radar, I know plenty that abused it and didn't even get a warning (and will prob recieve the compensation once they sort that out).
  4. Dam aion got a really tight grip on some ppl... I mean after paying for 5 extra runs and not getting anything even on the best possible conditions a sane person would think "Eh maybe this isn't worth it". The addicted p2w player? "Nah lets do 15 more!!!"
  5. You gonna have all time time in the world after the event ends, stop being a downer
  6. Imagine holding a position of "Community Manager" and be "scared" to talk to people (aka the community) I wonder if they are this nervous on their regular BNS streams... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. What? Nothing happened it was just a regular day. ^ This, although for a big company sometimes its better to operate on a loss on a X market than not being part of said market at all.
  8. Pretty much this, and given the fact that a most of the new stuff are copies from other ncgames, the shrinking of the game and the 180 turns that happen on every update makes me think that, even back in kr, theres hardly anyone working on the aion full time wich is a sad state of affairs.
  9. Start menu > windows system > control panel > uninstall a program > aion Best advice no one will ever give.
  10. A little spit in the tip might help c: You can say all you want but at the end of the day suckers gonna suck, not a week ago there was this guy telling everyone to "vote with their wallet" but still pay for the prestige lol.
  11. NCsoft employee calculating event rewards (2019 colorized): Another NCsoft employee testing event mechanics (2019 colorized):
  12. Who's sayin eu is a promissed land boi? They get the same patch from korea with the same problems so of course their aion is lame too, but at least GF is doing something to alleviate the issues instead of pretending everything is ok like ncw does. If theres anyone driving players away I don't think it's the players pointing out some differences in management...
  13. I didnt pay anything for the 1800 ingots in my bag... but anyway that's still better than what we had no? I also forgot to mention their incredible ow drops and sexy kinah buffs and ingame treadable prestige. Only better thing na seems to offer is better ping, not that's their merit but anyways...
  14. So? They also give them for free for gold ingots and put potions on events, meanwhile NA... Compared to the other regions EU sucks but it is still miles ahead of ncwest when it comes to 6.0 and 7.0
  15. Ok cyan you can now log in your mod account and start deleting the "spam" and close this tread. Ah cyan I see you have not read the forums in a loong time, or maybe you are actually gideon? Hmm not sure. Anyways the sooner your close this tread the less stuff you'll need to delete, ik its hard but get to work!
  16. Because having a full set after 10(?) months is too much to ask right? Lol
  17. ??? And where did I say the game should stop being pvpve? PVE in 6.x is the same as it have always been. The problem rn is that the only pve that actually has an impact in your pvp is killing mobs 24/7 like a bot, no sane person enjoys doing that. Who made it this way (and also nerfed it to fight botting :facepalm:)? Not the community for sure. Yea, not like it's their job to make the content enjoyable or anything .
  18. Thats on the surface, in reality if you pick 100 players you'll see that their progression is wildly different, between cubic/crafts/enchant/transforms/stigmas/daeva skills (and some other rng bss that I'm forgetting rn) there's quit a lot of room for disparity and the game offers little to none in fun ways to bridge those gaps, its all mindless pve or afking. So: Simple, management/development killed it. Not only did they bore the pvp comunity to death with this stupid progression, but they also scraped all the pvp content of the game save for 2 instances that happen 3x a week an
  19. I know it isn't, I am just saying that after 2 weeks of a broken game NC comes out of the dark with a p2w event offering a very sought after item trying to fork some of the playerbases money which is a pretty scummy move deserved to be called out. That made no sense, but w/e you say fam.
  20. Funny how no matter the nyerk up all it takes is a few premium breadcrumbs for some pleople to turn on the playerbase and fly straight back to NCs shoulders. HOW DARE players be upset that after TWO WEEKS of no gp/ap and all they have to show is a p2w event, not even information about the compensation we are going to get (gee I wonder why... ) And this affects all the players who farmed legendaries too, P2P gets to cheese all the way into their kaisenel xform by reseting the so called 'participation event' endlessly while the everyone else has to be glad to recieve a single ancient t
  21. << Me whenever I come to the forums to check on the state of the game
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