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  1. Just looking for some advice as to what’s important to focus on first. I’m newly level 75 and my gear is prime guardian clean with no socket or enchant. Should I worry about getting omegas and making all+15 or maybe some decent manastones? Is plume important? Upgrading accessories first? Stigmas? So much stuff I don’t know what to start on first. Any advice appreciated thanks
  2. Im looking for all of the morph recipies that were at the ingi forts? where did they go?
  3. damn, so i cant get morph methods like conundum, turquoise and others anymore??
  4. Hi guys like the thread says i havnt played in a long time, im currently updating my aion client. It looks like alot of new things and changes, im wondering if the games still worth playing and investing into?
  5. Ok thanks. Guess i wont be playing im getting error when i try to update files i cant repair either.