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  1. 6.0 info

    Forgot a few removed Spiritmaster skills: ⦁ Spirit Wrath Position ⦁ Spirit Erosion ⦁ Blade of Earth ⦁ Disenchant ⦁ Divine Spirit Armor ⦁ Spirit Absorption And a small error under Templar; Howl of Wrath has to be Battle Call, additionally Empyrean Chastisement and Empyrean Shield have also been removed.
  2. 6.0 info

    The rest of skill changes for Cleric, Assassin, Ranger, Templar and Songweaver. Also wanna add a few extra deleted skills to gladiator that I didn't notice in my previous post. No gunner or AT because nyerk those two. Again, I based this entirely on the skill lists provided by powerbook, none of it is final and / or officially released. Note also that stats and damage calculation has been largely reworked. Cleric Skill Changes: ⦁ Power Smash: Now costs MP. ⦁ Electro Bolts: CD 2s (previously 14s) ⦁ Blessed Shield: Creates a protective shield that has a 100% chance to absorb up to 5900 damage for 20s. Boosts the effects of all healing-type skills by 256%% while in effect. CD 1m (previously 2m) ⦁ Punishing Earth: Inflicts 893 magical earth damage on a target within 25m radius.CD 2s (previously 16s), cast time 1.5s. (previously 2.5s) ⦁ Immortal Shroud: Creates a protective shield that has a 10% chance to absorb up to 9500 damage for 4s. Increases resistances to Stumble and Silence while in effect. CD 1m30 (previously 3m) ⦁ Divine Spark: CD 14s (previously 16s) ⦁ Chastise: CD 12s (previously 16s) ⦁ Infernal Blaze: Inflicts 902 magical wind damage on a target within 25m radius, and there is a chance of stunning the target temporarily. CD 1m ⦁ Amplification: Increases Magical Attack and Heal Boost by 708 and 1100 respectively for 10s. ⦁ Retribution Lightning: CD 14s (previously 30s) ⦁ Chain of Suffering: cast time 3s (previously 2s) ⦁ Call Lightning: Inflicts 5960 magical wind damage on a target within 25m radius. cast time 2.5s, CD 1m ⦁ Sacrificial Power: Increases Magical Acc and Magical Attack by 1500 and 500 respectively and decreases Heal Boost by 150 while active. Active Skill. ⦁ Impervious Veil: CD 2m (previously 3m) ⦁ Benevolence: Heal Boost increases by 700, and 10% more MP is consumed while the skill is in use. Active Skill. ⦁ Remove Shock: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Sage's Wisdom: CD 1m (previously 3m) ⦁ Smite: Skill removed. ⦁ Flashbolt: Skill removed. ⦁ Slowing Hammer: Skill removed. ⦁ Hallowed Strike: Skill removed. ⦁ Flash of Healing: Skill removed. ⦁ Aero Snare: Skill removed. ⦁ Storm of Vengeance: Skill removed. ⦁ Life Curtain: Skill removed. ⦁ Penance: Skill removed. ⦁ Healing Wind: Skill removed. ⦁ Stability: Skill removed. ⦁ Salvation: Skill removed. ⦁ Brilliant Protection: Skill removed. ⦁ Splender of Flight: Skill removed. ⦁ Light of Rejuvenation: Skill removed. Templar (there are some very odd "100000%"s here, those might by errors) Skill Changes: ⦁ Aether Leash: CD 20s. (previously 30s) ⦁ Entangling Chains: CD 50s (previously 1m) ⦁ Body Smash: CD 5s (previously 12s) ⦁ Blood Pact/Bloodwind Slash: CD 5s (previously 8s (12s through Body Smash).) ⦁ Berserker's Rage: Increases your Movement and Flight Speed by 60, Immobilization Resist by 500, and Reduce Speed Resist by 500 for 10s. Advanced Charge Skill. CD 1m50. (previously 3m) ⦁ Ferocious Strike: CD 5s (previously 10s, applies to Robus Blow and Wrath Strike as well.) ⦁ Bodyguard: CD 1m, effect duration reduced to 15s. (previously 2m, 30s respectively) ⦁ Judgement: CD 1m30 ⦁ Rage: Skill removed. ⦁ Slash Artery: Skill removed. ⦁ Divine Blow: Has a 100% chance of activating Judgement. ⦁ Holy Punishment: Skill removed. ⦁ Prayer of Freedom: CD 2m (previously 3m) ⦁ Iron Skin: Removes all debuffs from you and reduces the damage inflicted on you by 10000000% for 10s. CD 2m. (previously 3m) ⦁ Howl of Wrath: Skill removed. ⦁ Holy Shield: For 30s, reflects 584 damage to enemies within 20m when attacked. CD 1m. ⦁ Eternal Denial: Decreases the damage received by 50000%% and significantly reduces movement speed for [[e1.snare.RemainTime]]. The protective shield blocks up to 50000 damage. CD 3m. ⦁ Prayer of Victory: Increases HP of the caster and up to 5 additional Alliance members within a 30m radius by 2600 for 3m. CD 5m ⦁ Empyrean Providence: Creates a protective shield for 10s that has a 10% chance of blocking damage each time caster and up to 6 allies within 30m radius receive all attack, and also increases Stun, Knock Back, Stumble, Spin, and Aerial Thrust Resistance Values by 1000. (The protective shield blocks 10000000% of the damage received per attack.) CD 7m. (previously 10m) ⦁ Panoply of Protection: Shields party members for 8s, creates a shield with a 10% chance to block 5000 damage per attack up to a total damage of 5000. Party members within 25m are shielded each time they receive all attack. CD 30s. ⦁ Barricade of Steel: Increases Immobilization Resist by [[e2.Statup.value]], Reduce Speed Resist by [[e2.Statup.value2]]%%, Magic Resist by [[e2.Statup.value3]], and Fear Resist by 200, and reflects 1500 damage back to an enemy within m radius who uses s. Can't jump while the skill is in effect and using another skill deactivates this skill. Requires a shield. Active Skill. CD 30s. (previously 6s) ⦁ Courageous Shield: After a successful shield defense or magic resistance, increases your [] by 100%, [] by [] , and [] by [] for 00s. [Buggy stuff, from the looks of it, it might increase defensive stats now rather than offensive.] CD 8s ⦁ Aether Armor: Increases Magic Resist by 2200 for 30s. CD 3m. ⦁ Remove Shock: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Unwavering Devotion: Effect duration 30s, CD 1m (previously 1m30, 3m respectively) ⦁ Empyrean Fury: Increases Physical Damage, Magical Acc, and by 15%, 1000, and [], respectively, for 30s. CD 1m30. ⦁ Empyrean Armor: Heals you for 20% and increases your HP by 50%, and Natural Healing by 50 for 1m. In addition, you receive less damage when you are attacked by an enemy player. CD 3m. ⦁ Stubborn Spirit: Skill removed. ⦁ Reroute Power: Skill removed. ⦁ Refresh Spirit: Skill removed. Spiritmaster Skill changes: ⦁ Aetherphase Contract: CD 1m30 (previously 3m) ⦁ Backdraft: CD 18s (previously 24s) ⦁ Infernal Blight: Decreases Magical Defense, Physical Defense and Magic Resist of a target within 25m by 470, 800 and 700 respectively for 30s. CD 1m ⦁ Spirit's Empowerment: Increases your Magical Acc by 1080, Magical Attack by 520, and Magical Defense by 480 for 2m. Also increases HP by 30%, Speed by 10%, and magical attack by 10%. These buffs disappear when you summon a Spirit. CD 1m. ⦁ Curse of Water/Fire: CD 3m36s (previously 5m) ⦁ Remove Shock: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Cloaking Word: CD 1m (previously 3m) ⦁ Fear [Ginseng]: CD 22s (previously 30s) ⦁ Summoning Alacrity: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Vengeful Backdraft: Skill removed. ⦁ Withering Gloom: Reduces the maximum HP and maximum MP of a target within 25m by 4000 for 1m. It can be dispelled. CD 1m ⦁ Command: Spirit Barrier: Commands the spirit to use its barrier skill. The spirit creates a protective shield to protect the caster and nearby allies (the shield blocks a total of 7200 damage). CD 1m30 ⦁ [All Spirit Summons]: !COULD BE WRONG! No more cooldown, Cast instantly ⦁ Wing Root: Skill removed. Ranger [A lot of skills removed here, some might be errors...] Skill Changes: ⦁ Blessing of Nature: Increases HP by 3528, Natural Healing by 400 and Natural Mana Treatment by 150. Recovery effect increased by 10% Active Skill. Advanced Breath of Nature Skill ⦁ Nightmare Trap: CD 1m (previously 1m30) ⦁ Holy Arrow: CD 24s (previously 1m) ⦁ Feint: CD 1m30s (previously 3m) ⦁ Lethal Arrow: Cast instantly. ⦁ Dodging: For 1m, your Evasion increases by 1005. ⦁ Light Arrow: CD 1m (previously 1m30) ⦁ Speed of the Wind: Increases your Speed by 18%, Crit Strike by 1002, and the Attack of Bow by 10% for 30s. CD 1m30s ⦁ Strong Shots: Increases Attack of Bow by 10% for 1m. ⦁ Remove Shock: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Nature's Resolve: CD 1m30 (previously 3m) ⦁ Bow of Blessing: CD 2m30s (previously 3m) ⦁ Advanced Eye: CD 2m (previously 5m) ⦁ Poisoning Trap: Skill removed. ⦁ Spike Trap: Skill removed. ⦁ Spike Bite Trap: Skill removed. ⦁ Hunter's Eye: Skill removed. ⦁ Aiming: Skill removed. ⦁ Dizzying Arrow: Skill removed. ⦁ Propelling Trap: Skill removed. ⦁ Fighting Withdrawal: Skill removed. ⦁ Spread Shot: Skill removed. ⦁ Calming Whisper: Skill removed. ⦁ Fleshcutter Arrow: Skill removed. ⦁ Manaleech Shot: Skill removed. ⦁ Misery Arrow: Skill removed. ⦁ Arrow Storm: Skill removed. ⦁ Heal Wings: Skill removed. ⦁ Tactical Retreat: Skill removed. Assassin Skill Changes: ⦁ Slayer of Darkness: Transforms you for 40s into a Slayer of Darkness. While you are transformed, your Magic Resist increases by 707, Magical Acc by 1000, and HP by 5000. Your weapon's shooting range increases by 2m and your MP recovery more quickly. Additionally, for 15s, the skill you use can carry out a critical effect 1 time(s). CD 2m ⦁ Flash of Speed: CD 1m30s (previously 3m) ⦁ Swift Edge: CD 5s (previously 7s) (applies to chain skills as well.) ⦁ Dash and Slash: CD 1m30 (previously 3m) ⦁ Blinding Burst: Blinds enemies within 15m and decreases their Magical Acc by 505 for 7s - 12s. CD 1m30 ⦁ Advanced Eye: CD 2m (previously 5m) ⦁ Flurry: Increases your Atk Speed by 20% and Crit Strike by 1500 for 30s. CD 2m ⦁ Oath of Accuracy: Increases your Accuracy by 1500, and Magical Acc by 1500 for 20s. CD 3m ⦁ Apply Deadly Poison: Removed cooldown. ⦁ Blind Side: Skill removed. ⦁ Signet Silence: Skill removed. ⦁ Divine Strike: Skill removed. ⦁ Triniel/Vaizel's Dirk: Skill removed. ⦁ Blood Rune: Skill removed. ⦁ Cyclone Slash: Skill removed. ⦁ Evasive Boost: Skill removed. ⦁ Killer's Eye: Skill removed. ⦁ Weakening Blow: Skill removed. ⦁ Searching Eye: Skill removed. ⦁ Calming Whisper: Skill removed. ⦁ Crashing Wind Strike: Skill removed. ⦁ Spelldodging: Skill removed. Songweaver Skill Changes: ⦁ Mvt. 1: Spring: Increases Stun, Knock Back, Stumble, Spin, and Aerial Thrust Resistance Values by 1000 for 7s. If attacked by a PC, less extra damage is suffered. CD 1m ⦁ Song of Ice: CD 8s (previously 12s) ⦁ Song of Fire: CD 8s (previously 10s) ⦁ Mvt. 2: Summer: Increases Fear Resist by 400, and Sleep Resist and Paralysis Resistance by 500 for 5m. CD 30s ⦁ Mvt. 4: Autumn: Increases Stumble Resist and Knockback Resist by 300, and Silence Resistance by 500 for 5m. CD 30s ⦁ Stinging Note: Inflicts 696 magical earth damage on a target within 25m radius, and decreases the target's Magic Resist by 130 and Magical Defense by 1300 for 8s. ⦁ Delusional Dirge: Decreases Physical Attack and Magical Damage of a target within 25m radius by 170 and 1200 respectively for [[e1.Statdown.RemainTime]]. ⦁ Requiem: CD 22s (previously 30s) ⦁ Freestyle: CD 22s (previously 30s) ⦁ Remove Shock: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Dragon Song: Skill removed. ⦁ Minstrel's Flair: Skill removed. ⦁ Soaring Sonnet: Skill removed. ⦁ Chorus of Fortitude: Skill removed. ⦁ Ode to Friendship: Skill removed. ⦁ Resonant Counterpoint: Skill removed. ⦁ Composer's Bar: Skill removed. Gladiator More deleted skills: Empyrean Blessing, Daevic Fury, Tumultous Surge, Roiling Hack, Mocking Blast, Whirling Advance, Rage, Rupture, Ferocity, Crashing Blow.
  3. 6.0 info

    I went through the entire list of sorc and glad skills, so here are the skill changes for those two classes. Note: The damage formula seems to have been thoroughly changed so the numbers in physical / magical defense or attack shouldn't be interpreted in the way they now are. Also, all classes had their Remove Shock cooldown reduced to 30s. Also note that I based this entirely on the skills listed on aionpowerbook, this isn't an "official" changelog, everything might still change, too. Sorcerer Skill Changes: ⦁ Boon of Iron Clad: CD 2m (previously 3m) ⦁ Magma Burst: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Flame Harpoon: CD 1s (previously 3s) ⦁ [Something Changed about Vaizel's Wisdom but no idea what] ⦁ Freeze: CD 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Winterbinding: CD 40s (previously 1m) ⦁ Flame Fusion: now decreases magical defense (magic suppression?) by 504 ⦁ Flame Cage: CD 3s (previously 5s) ⦁ Illusion: Now dodges only 1 skill and removes 1 debuff CD 1m ⦁ Magic Assist: For 60s, reduces your magic casting time by 10%% and increases your Magical Damage by 500, your Magical Acc by 3400, and your Crit Spell by 100. CD 3m ⦁ Elemental Ward: Increases your Magical Defense by 1000 and your Magic Resist by 1000 for 30s. CD 2m ⦁ Robe of Flames: Increases your Magical Attack by 243 and Natural Mana Treatment by 65 for 30m. ⦁ Curse of Roots: cd 22s (previously 30s) ⦁ Sleep Scarecrow: cd 11s (previously 20s) ⦁ Remove Shock: cd 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Somnolence: Skill removed. ⦁ Zikel's Wisdom: Skill removed. ⦁ Flame Bolt: Skill removed. (could be a bug in the website, none of the lv1-9 skills seem to appear in the list.) ⦁ Robe of Cold: Skill removed. ⦁ Delayed Blast: Skill removed. ⦁ Ice Chain: Skill removed. (could be a bug in the website, none of the lv1-9 skills seem to appear in the list.) ⦁ Frozen Shock: still exists despite Ice chain's removal, so assuming that it is a regular skill now? Gladiator Skill Changes: ⦁ Ferocious Chop: cd 20s (previously 1m) ⦁ Berserking: Increases your Physical Damage by 20%% and Speed by 10%%, while decreasing your Atk Speed by 10%% for 30s. Advanced Berserking Skill cd 2m ⦁ Body and Mind of Steel: parry 30 attacks, increases spell debuff by 750 for 30s cd 3m ⦁ Body Smash: cd 5s (previously 12) ⦁ Charge: Increases your Movement/Flight speed by 60, root resistance by 500, and slow resistance by 500 for 10s. Advanced Charge Skill. CD 1m30 ⦁ Armor of Revenge: For 7s, your Fear Resist and Sleep Resist are increased by 1000 and each time you suffer damage, your HP is absorbed by 1 while your movement speed increases for a short time. Additionally, enemies from 10m away who attack you with EveryHit will have 10 of their strike reflected. CD 30s ⦁ Pressure Wave: has a 100% chance to chain into Seismic Billow ⦁ Seismic Billow: cd1m30, puts enemies into stumble state ⦁ Aerial Lockdown: cd 2m (previously 3m) ⦁ Ferocious Strike: cd 5s (previously 10) ⦁ Crushing Blow: cd 2m (previously 3m) ⦁ Second Wind: Restores 20%% of your HP and increases HP by 20%% and Physical Defense by 264 for 30s. cd 1m30 ⦁ Whirling Advance: cd 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Unwavering Devotion: cd 1m, effect lasts 30s ⦁ Remove Shock: cd 30s (previously 1m) ⦁ Magical Defense: Increases spell debuff by 750 (previously 1000) ⦁ Strengten Wings: Removes all magical movement debuffs cast on you, and increases your Flight Speed by 10%%, Root resistance by 1000, and Slow Resistance by 1000 for 7s. Enables you to fly without consuming flight time. CD 30s ⦁ Reckless Strike: Skill removed. I might post the other classes later if I'm bothered enough and noone else does before me.