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  1. Skin Farming in 7.0

    https://ibb.co/ckPk4xR Hey I'm looking for this skin! Not sure if the scarf is the shoulders or the chest piece but wondering how to get it in 7.0 https://ibb.co/ckPk4xR
  2. Can't open two Aion clients

    So I just tried everything you said and none of them worked... I tested it out a few times and I'm able to go to my character screen with both clients in windowed small screen but as soon as I go into the game the other client goes back screen. I just updated my windows again about 2hrs ago.
  3. Can't open two Aion clients

    Cheesecake I was asking around on aion discords for you cuz you seem to be the one who helps everyone in thjs game. Haha I am waiting for the client to be completely loaded and even logged into the game before I start the other one but as soon as the 2nd client runs the 1st one does that. All my drivers are up to date and I've done it both windowed and full screen but when I play the game windowed if I minimize the screen I will run into the same issue. so it seems like the issue I have is while logged into the game I can't resize my window cuz then ill get not responding error. But I'm able to do that at the character selection screen without any issues
  4. Can't open two Aion clients

    Thanks for the reply... I use windows 10 750w psu AMD And my graphics card is AMD radeon rx 5700xt
  5. Okay so I saw a few previous posts on how to fix black screen when running aion and that helped me all I had to do was change the file name (thanks cheesecakeDN) but now the issue is I can't run multiple clients. When I do the 1st client I ran turns into 95% black screen and the game is in the top right of the window shrunk to about 5% and says aion is not responding causing me to exit and try again. I tried running the game in both window and full screen still got the same results. I tried to file repair and also ran as admin... Still nothing. Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

    @Nylo-KT They are in your special cube now