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  1. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    So rubbish we wiped the Elyos at the deity and even had the option to finish it but one of the leads said to guard the artifacts. After the DC we couldn't even get inside the central area of Divine and the Elyos were flooding the deity.
  2. The most boring class to DPS

    Cut with the acronyms we can't understand you, heck cut with the lame forums threads. Say something constructive.
  3. Happy Holidays from NCSOFT!

    Could you tell us how long double xp will last? Rest of this year, or just the weekend?
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 20, 2017

    You had long enough to level to 66+. A lot of people don't go 8 characters in an account. They now roll 8 accounts with one character so this survey thing is actually a buff. Speaking of which when are we getting the survey.