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  1. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    As a veteran player, I can certainly see the point they are making. I want to get my gear done before 6.0 just like the rest of you, but when you farm out 300 coins in 8 hours, combine the price of the items being so low, it does indeed affect the economy. Raising the price of coins on the items will help with that. Just want the event opened back up, credit for the quest from Suny last night, which I still never got, fixing the loot from the crates and boxes.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    What happened to the option to kick afkers from Evergale? It is NOT working
  3. Aion March Preview

    HueHue-- Cry if they wait and fix it or Cry if it is broken and they run the event anyway. I have played since 09. I have played more than one MMORPG. ALL HAVE ISSUES.
  4. Evergale AFKing

    Freaking fail all day in Evergale, again today thanks to all these afk people who just don't give a damn that they are wasting everyone else's time. Something has to give, because alot of people are sick of these jokers leeching and costing them instances. Fix it PLEASE
  5. Evergale AFKing

    I agree. This is completely out of control. Remove the rewards, nobody will have a reason to go in and AFK. No win=no rewards=No afk.