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  1. Just to add to Conspiracy theories and superstitions. . IMHO, in 6.2 it was easier(having lower rates) to enchant than its right now. Also, I think I sort of developed intuition on when the enchant click most likely to succeed
  2. + to above. Also want to add that there was a spike of new players with the new patch, but low enchantment rates and inability to get legendary xform to catch up made them leave... Players dont want to tryhard to get those, AION should be casual game (at least at NA, KR are fine with 24/7 grind)
  3. Those are the transformations rewarded for some events, no way to get them by combining.
  4. Sins getting more burst dmg, sorcs getting more PVE attack.
  5. Vandal got balanced, dmg nerfed by lowering crit chance. Now its required to run 30% stigma to kill non cloth classes. Will wait for +15 stigmas to have fun again, now Im struggling even more when fighting chainmail/plate users.
  6. Reduce from 40 to 20. I would like idea of getting at least 1 legendary per month of active playing. Or maybe, keep event item on gold sands store that gives 5 of the item above permanently.
  7. My spells dont crit on vandal. I think they overnerfed it.
  8. Cant Get Back Into the Game After Entering Test Arena of Discipline. do not enter!!!
  9. I think we are getting 7.2 that has golden stigmas. But right before tier S minions. Sorc is still good for PVE, but shit in PVP due to long cd's.
  10. Something that puts balance on the credit card. But in real, its upgraded version of +15 stigma.
  11. I just keep watching how whales and casual players stop playing... Even not so many bots around...
  12. Game is dead. Even BDO for mobile looks better than AION and has more fun and stuff to do. Imagine, game on the phone...
  13. p.s Sad to see that well geared asmos killing only toons.
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