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  1. @Cyan Where is our survey that we are suppose to receive? We only received the ice gem chest that was suppose to be additional to our other survey. Event is ending soon. "We're still having issues with out survey tool and will be sending out the surveys as soon as we can. Additionally, we will be distributing an additional Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest for every run you did prior to us updating the event. This means if you ran Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity 2 times each, you'll be getting 4 boxes."
  2. Can only play one way, or we are forced to play one way ?
  3. @DevilNest-KT @PsychoShooter-KT, and anyone else defending this event. You guys say be smart save luna, spend luna buy ncoin... blah blah blah.... But if you are not averaging 20 gems per instance run, you simply can not get 1200 gems. Reseting instance is limited to 10 times per week. So even if u max out thats 15 mirash and 15 coe per week, and the event is 2 weeks so max runs possible will be 30 and 30, 60 instance run max before the event ends. Now you need 1200 coins / 60 runs. Yes with the shugo event, some needed to reset, but it was very possible to get the legendary random box ev
  4. The problem is the ranking for seasonal rewards. It doesn't update. For the abyss ranking for xform the gp he got at siege is accounted for, but for seasonal reward ranking it does not include gp from siege if you are logged out. So if a person has 2 toons on the same account both can gain gp from siege and obtain xform. But as for the seasonal reward, it wont update the gp acquired for the toon that was logged off when siege concluded. My toon got 240 gp after siege on thursday and I have my 5-star transform, but on seasonal rankings I only have 2xx gp.
  5. Yes you can make a lot of ancient stones, but cost effectiveness of trying to +15 ancient gear with only ancients is not such a good idea, other than needing the ancient stones to craft for legendaries, you will also need a good amount to +1-6 on the legendary gear and ultimate gear.
  6. its 6am cst to 9 am cst which is 3 hours long, or is it 13:00 cet to 15:00 cet, which would be 2 hours? Now I'm really confuse. Or is the game shut down for 3 hours for na and 2 hours for eu players?
  7. The broker fee was never 30%, at most it was 5% which you paid when you listed the item, which is non refundable.
  8. Thanks for event, collected 1350 gems. https://imgur.com/a/8cTTG64 10/10 waiting for weekly reset to do again.
  9. @Cyan Hi Cyan, In the April preview post you said the prestige pack will be updated. I've notice that I've gotten 2 level reduction stones from it, but the website list the prestige case rewards as ; Tempering Solution Omega Enchantment Stone Major Danuar Relic Administrator's Boon [1 Time Pass] Ceramium Medal Ancient Coin x10 Blood Mark x10 Blood Medal x10 Fragmented Spinel x500 Value Boost Pack [1 Day] Berdin's Lucky Star Enchantment Stone Dust x500 Is there a new list of what comes from the prestige case? Also wi
  10. @Cyan How about adding the level 80 mythic wrapping scrolls to the fortune lockbox. The patch note said items will be wrap-able and in game items also says wrap-able, but there's no wrapping scrolls available. Can you please add this to a lockbox or luna, or let us know when it will be available in game. Thanks. Also maybe you can add so these <Transcendent Tempering Solution>, Cute minion Contracts, and Miniums. The reward list contain pet eggs, but most users now use minions. With auto buff, loot, and enemy alert, theres not much use for the old eggs. The old composite manasto
  11. This was not an issue with the old prestige buff, which did not require talking to the dirty shugo to receive a buff. Prestige cancelled does not equal prestige expired. If you cancelled your internet service at the end of the month, they are still required to provide with service until the date of cancellation.
  12. Its that time again ladies and gentlemen, bring out the pitchfork and torches. When taking the rainbow snake buff, the prestige buff is override, and can not take both buff at the same time. @Cyan any plans to fix this for the remaining prestige pack holders?
  13. Or how about this? How many artifact of knowledge do you have in your inventory? The item you get from obtaining 4k pts in everagle. As for me, I had 200 at one point, haven't done much since tia eye. What if they raise the requirement per quest to 20x? So you will need to exchange 40 artifact of knowledge for 1 soulstone? That would be fair right? Since evergale doesn't cost you a thing, people just afk it, log alts, same shit as tia eye fatties. You would be fine with this as well?
  14. Okay you beat FM and you can spend a lot of money and don't care about this event reward. There are other people who has done more FM than you, and spend more than you, and yet they are still upset. We are not given stuff for free, we are okay we increase in rate, but 20-20x is too much. If I played a class that only needs 1 weapon then I would already have all armor, accessory and 1 weapon, but since I use many weapons I have to save my weapon soulstone instead of exchanging it to armor. I was expecting the soulstones to be around 10x more expensive, about 50 coins, so that would mean I c
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