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  1. Combining Minions

    I combine 4 rank B and got Viola (Rank A). I think u just had bad luck.
  2. PF's Drop

    I'm doing PF right now, I only got 1 run left, and NOT A SINGLE ULTIMATE PIECE. I don't have a premade party so I need to recruit, sometimes it toke me an hour because the DPS' don't have good dmg, so it's so frustrating. We need Ultimate 100% for sure in PF and IDD dmn
  3. I got 3 boxes of skins already, I don't even like it lol. With shards, if at least were idk 10k shards well... but only 1k sucks. The only things I see that worth were the Daevanion Skill Box and Leg/Ult Stones. Berdin's Lucky Stars and Berdin's Amulet should be removed from the existance. Transformation scrolls should also be in more quantity since they are used so much. I'm still angry for only two nyerk hearts I got like 10 E's with my toons, I got many boxes in MS. Probably got more if boxes were not bugged.
  4. All the week with this Heart Boxes bug and you only give us TWO MISERABLE HEARTS PER ACCOUNT. I always run all the instances with my main and alts, I lost many boxes in group ones, what kind of joke is this? The rewards are not even good, the event is bug and only give us two hearts as reward, what the hell?! I'm angry >:C
  5. Hi, I want to talk about something that I honestly do not understand and it makes me feel confused, upset and sad.. Why motions and pets were eliminated? also the permanent mounts. I will never understand those changes. Motions are just pretty, yes, they do not make you stronger or weaker or blah blah, but it was a good way to get kinah and see your character in a cool way, since we are forbidden to see the character itself because now we are all furrys, it would be nice if the motions came back. What harm do pets do to the game? none! and it was a good way to have more space for your character and those of automatic loot helps a lot. Mounts ... why? I do not understand it sincerely, what is the problem with having permanent mounts in the game? not even legion one is permanent and is very expensive, just for a few days, it is completely unfair to new characters, whether entering the game or alters. I do not know, I think they are unnecessary changes, I imagine it will be for money, but did not earn good money with the motions for example? and the skins I do not think they are one of the strongest business in the game right now, because you can't see them lol. Also in the skins' rotations they put a few randoms ones, instead of add, for example, whole sets that were lost and you can only farm if you are in low level maps, being low level, so RIP if you want one of those skins and you're 80. Is stupid. What do you guys think? Sorry if I have errors, English is not my native language. See ya.
  6. Prestige Pack problem

    I buy the Pack directly from the link and use my Paypal account, I'm completely sure that I did not buy NCoins. Also in my Transaction History it says ''Aion Prestige Pack'' I send an email to the support, I hope to have an answer soon
  7. Prestige Pack problem

    Hi guys. I buy the Prestige Pack, and I read some of the instructions to activate it, but when I click the ''Apply a Code'' section there is no unused codes there, and for some reason, I had 1200 NCoins in my account, It was just like I only bought NCoins. Anybody had the same error? Maybe some help? Thank you!