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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    If all you crybabies really can't understand why they gave the EK players (chars who have only been around for like a year) a stronger buff and survey to catch up to big server players (with chars who can have been around for like 10 years) so that they can actually compete then you're not really smart enough to make an argument that NC would listen to. Of course there are the VERY select few who played to be kings of the dead server all patch who didn't need any of this because they're already geared but for the casuals and people who came back to EK because of the buff/survey it gives them a chance to catch up so they can play their EK chars on KT without getting 1 shot by everyone. All of that aside with how NC has been about things recently you should just sit back and appreciate the fact that you're getting a buff at all. p.s. idk how you can say it wouldn't affect the economy just because its untradable you can still put crafting mats and manastones on the broker lul