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  1. 18 hours ago, Kubei-DN said:

    I know Aion used to have a sub (I've known about the game since its release), however I was thinking he meant Gold Pack in EU which technically can be considered a sub.

    It is a monthly fee.  We started when it just came out.  Thank you much for your prompt replies.  I (we are) am most grateful.

  2. On 4/25/2018 at 11:35 AM, Andraia-DN said:

    I'm Asmodian in Danaria. Can make a new toon on the other server (Asmodian or Elyos) if more people like me are there.

    My wife and I also returning.  We played this game long ago when it first out and left short due to farmers and a bad legion/guild experience.  Anyway, we would have to start from scratch and relearning everything.  My wife love the Asmodian and we solo (well not exactly, duo is more like a term but sometime we solo when one of us not around) a lot.  Not that we are not anti-social people.  We are more like casual players and just do not have time for a group or the hassle of some nasty people in group.  I am more incline with MMO (not the best) but my wife on the other hand not as incline as I am and make it difficult for her to be in group with some hardcore players or not even so hardcore.  We love the casual of game play and not the rushy type.  You probably know what I mean.  We are from East Coast so we usually online after 730 or 8pm when our girls are in bed.  

  3. On 4/26/2018 at 7:58 AM, Kailor-DN said:

    Price of rural living in a location that even land line phone companies won't service due to too few potential customers on the road. TV, Internet and, VOIP Phone all come by satellite here or not at all. On the upside, low property taxes, my home is 100% paid for - no mortgage. I can grow much of my own food, hunt, fish and, target practice with my bow or rifles in my back yard and, have my wolfdogs without issues here.

    Where do you live if I may ask?  Sound like a great and quiet country side.  I love those area but I love the internet also... and I hate slow internet.  

    Wolfdogs?  Wow sound cool.  Are they good with people?  Must be very protective.


    OMG, I just googled one and they are HUGE...  so intimidating.  I love they are loyal and love their master.  

  4. Hi everyone,

    My wife and I played this game when it first out and then we left it because of all the farmers and a lousy guild we happened to join which ruined everything.  We recently decided to check out the game and see if it is worth coming back.  Would anyone be kind enough to give us some guidance, tip, or advises on the game... ?  We duo a lot and what the best combo for us to survive the pve and eventually into pvp?  Thank you for your kindness and hopefully this time it would be a great experience.

  5. We are a returning couple but have not activate the accounts yet.  Installing it at the moment and having some issue with the launcher but thing are looking up so far for one.  Anyway, just want to know if you can play without a sub (if no then I guess no to the next part as well) and would this gift be giving to the non-sub returning account as well? Thanks.  

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